1-10 wands tarot card meanings

1-10 of Wands as Situation, Challenge, Opportunity and Action Advice

1-10 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings for Situation, Challenge, Opportunity and Action Advice

One of the most popular posts on the Angelorum blog is the post I wrote a couple of years ago about the Tarot Court Cards as situation, challenge, opportunity and action advice. Not long ago, I received a request to do a similar post (or series of posts) about the Tarot Number cards. First out in this new series with have the 1-10 of Wands.

Ace of Wands

Situation: The start of a new creative or business venture
Challenge: To take action make sure that the necessary resources are in place before the flame of inspiration burns itself out
Opportunity: The sky is the limit for any creative venture when this Ace shows up. Take BIG action accordingly!
Action Advice: Just begin. Have faith in yourself and don’t play it small.

2 of Wands

Situation: Strong opposition or strong partnership depending on compatibility. Good career opportunities opening up. The signing of a contract.
Challenge: To assert one’s will, make wise choices and stay organised while paying attention to detail
Opportunity: A mutually beneficial partnership or venture
Action Advice: Be patient and clarify anything that could muddy the waters or cause a breakdown in a partnership

3 of Wands

Situation: A networking event, putting together a strong team
Challenge: Avoid pride and recklessness. Make sure skills and talents aren’t going to waste
Opportunity: Any venture already begun is off to a great start
Action Advice: See each person you meet as a portal to a new universe. Be grateful for the unique skills they bring

4 of Wands

Situation: A celebration, a homecoming, moving in together or planning a wedding
Challenge: Steer clear of taking the good things and people in your life for granted
Opportunity: You could receive an invitation or offer of marriage. Increased levels of satisfaction, peace and harmony
Action Advice: Enjoy and celebrate the results of your efforts!

5 of Wands

Situation: A competition, sparring session or fight
Challenge: Avoid comparing yourself to others and being defensive. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone
Opportunity: You could find yourself in a stressful situation but if you do your best, what you learn through this situation will definitely make you stronger. Essentially this is an opportunity to grow!
Action Advice: Exercise to lower stress levels. Be clear in your communication with others about what you want instead of passive-aggressively hoping they will pick up on your expectations through telepathy

6 of Wands

Situation: A victory or a boast
Challenge: Remember, ‘Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.’ (Proverbs 16:18) – Pride is your biggest obstacle to success
Opportunity: You’re on a path to success if you are involved in a creative venture of any kind
Action Advice: Have faith and keep going!

7 of Wands

Situation: Fierce opposition
Challenge: Avoid indecision – this is opposition that must be faced. Sitting on the fence will only delay the inevitable and indecision may weaken your advantage
Opportunity: You are blessed with strength of character. You have what it takes to succeed even when surrounded with naysayers.
Action Advice: Stand your ground!

8 of Wands

Situation: Any rapidly developing situation, short-distance travel or business-related journeys. Receiving letters, emails and text messages
Challenge: The challenge is to avoid distraction
Opportunity: Good news could be incoming. Any goal you have set is now within reach, provided you stay on target
Action Advice: Stay focused and aim all your efforts toward the goal

9 of Wands

Situation: Rest after a hard fight/struggle that has left you feeling defensive. A relationship situation that demands personal boundaries
Challenge: Avoid clinging to a fearful, reactive and defensive stance. Don’t display weakness or come across as unprepared
Opportunity: You come out the other side of a struggle much stronger than before and know what you are capable of
Action Advice: Persevere and use your discretion/discernment. Maintain healthy boundaries

10 of Wands

Situation: The near completion of any venture that has left you feeling exhausted and doubting your ability to complete your work
Challenge: To sideline your self-doubt and feeling of exhaustion, and actually bring your work to completion
Opportunity: To prove yourself wrong. Realising that people are more willing to step in and help than you think they are
Action Advice: ‘A second wind’ is a thing. Fix your mind on the desired outcome, find your second wind… and learn to delegate!

This series may prove especially helpful for interpreting the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, which contains all four of the positional meanings described here. The crowning card can be seen as ‘the opportunity’/best possible outcome/what to aspire to.

Deck used in photo at top of post: Hanson-Roberts Tarot (affiliate link)


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