Angel Feathers and Other Signs That Your Angels Are Near

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Angel feather

As I have been writing about Faery signs over on my other blog, it is no coincidence that the Angels wanted to leave me a sign today too. The feather you see on top of the Goddess Tarot cards was actually under the deck. And I can promise you it wasn’t there two days ago when I last handled these cards!

The angels often leave feathers as signs of their presence and I have heard of people finding them in the most impossible of places. Coins are another sign that the angels like to leave.

You may also hear beautiful music or church bells chiming out of nowhere. A supernatural scent of flowers or perfume without a known/visible source is a sure sign that angels are reaching out to you.

A subtle sign may be of angel wings touching you or a tingling sensation in your crown chakra. The angels may also show up in cloud formations. Seeing a rainbow after having asked for divine intervention is an angelic sign of confirmation that your prayers have been heard.

Angel shapes in nature is also a way for the angels to leave their calling card.

Angel signs often show up in dreams and you will know that you have had an angelic dream when you experience that is more vivid than reality. Be sure to write it down and ask the angels to guide you with regards to the meaning of the dream if it is not immediately apparent to you.

Music and media are ways the angels can communicate with us too. Have you ever turned the radio on and started listening to the lyrics of a song that seems to have a message just for you? It’s because it did!

Do you have a story of an angel sign to share? Please do so in the comments!

Have you never received a sign from the angels? Simply ask and keep looking! You will have your sign within days. Remember this is just the beginning and an invitation from the angels to keep communicating with them.

Angel Blessings


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  1. I have the most amazing, synchronicies with dragonflies. So much so, that when I’m faced with a big decision I will ask for a sign in seeing them. Usually 3 in a row will tell me I’m on the right path or what I need to know. I feel very blessed to have discovered this extra help.

    My inner knowing and “aha” moments will also affect me physically in that I feel the brushing of wings, or tingling on the whole left side of my body.

    Love your blogs!

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  2. Ive had tree seeds appear in my walkway (as I collect them) from trees that are not near the area. Those are obvious signs of a presence reminding me im here for that purpose to care for the seeds, trees and creatures. I never knew about the coins. that explains a bit. St Therese Lisseux ( “Little Flower” will leave a flower for you if you ask.Thank you for the lovely article.

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      Thanks for sharing, Bethness. That’s lovely about the seeds… and I didn’t know about St Therese de Lisieux. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I went through a really bad break up a year ago and every time I would lose myself in anguish my phone would start playing music on its own. I don’t remember the songs, but sometimes it wasn’t even music. It sounded like static or gargle. That only happened in the first month. I definitely felt a connection at the time.

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      Cool, thanks for sharing, Elly. I have had my telly turn itself on and off… That only lasted a month or two too. I wasn’t afraid at all – it felt like inter-dimensional communication 🙂

      1. Yeah! That was the amazing thing. There was no fear which normally I would have as I’m a scaredy cat. Usually, too, when I would check my phone it had a particular time like: 1:11 or 23:23. I did feel like someone was there. Like you say, there was inter-dimensional communication and it helped out with my spiritual outlook.

  4. I was gifted a strange gold coin last week, very old and quite heavy, on the driveway next to my car door. I had come home from running errands and when I got to the front door, realized I had left my phone in the car. When I walked back, there was the coin on the driveway directly beside the door. No chance I had missed it seconds before… and really who else but an angel or fairy to leave a big gold coin from some distant land in my driveway? I love their sense of humor and reminders of love!

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  5. I asked for my angels for a sign that they had seen my letter. I have randomly seen 2 hairdressing salons called ‘Halo’ and I saw a T.Shirt with the word ‘Angel’ on it.

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