The Archangel Camael Tarot Spread

Archangel Camael Angelic Tarot

Archangel Camael is nowhere near as famous as Archangel Michael or Gabriel, yet he is one of the seven planetary Archangels and ruler of the Planet Mars, as well as Tuesdays. He is the Warrior Archangel and one of the seven Angels of Creation. Personally, I believe the church didn’t want us to know much about him because of his awesome ability to empower us. He is also known as Samael and corresponds with the 5th Sephira on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The corresponding Element is Fire and the chakra is Manipura, the solar plexus chakra. In yoga, Warrior pose strengthens this chakra.

The herbs and spices connected with this angel are red rose, rowan tree, chilli pepper, nettle, black pepper, radish, thistle, thyme, belladonna, cardamom and wild rose.

Tuesday’s Angel

Work with Archangel Camael on a Tuesday or when the Moon is New/Full in Aries (Tarot The Emperor) or Scorpio (Tarot Death). Mars is the ruler of Scorpio in traditional astrology and was only replaced by Pluto in the 1900s. Use a red candle for candle magick when you need the assistance of Archangel Camael. You may or may not wish to use blood in your spells, and it is not something commonly associated with Angel Magick. However, it is perfect for workings where we invoke Archangel Camael.

Our passion, sexuality, aggression, courage, competitiveness and even blood lust are all associated with this Angel who is not for the more fluffy of bunnies. Working with him can help us release massive amounts of stuck energy. And this is essentially what happens when The Tower (Mars/Camael) is struck and our world comes crumbling down around us.

So what can we do to avoid those nasty and traumatic Tower experiences? Well, not much once events are firmly in motion. But we can always learn and make sure we build on a solid foundation when we start over… So grab your pack of Tarot cards and settle down with a cup of extra spicy chai for a dialogue with this fierce Archangel!

The Archangel Camael Tarot Spread

Archangel Camael Angelic Tarot Spread


1. Mars – Your life force energy right now
2. Rowan Tree – Something you can do to protect yourself and/or your interests
3. The Tower – What you built on a poor foundation. (Shows what you need to bring into alignment with Higher Will.)
4. The Red Rose – What Archangel Camael wants you to know about the expression of your sexuality
5. The Scorpion’s Tail – What Archangel Camael wants you to know about how you express anger

Sample Reading with the Thelema Tarot

Archangel Camael Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Thelema Tarot
  1. Temperance represents your life force energy (Jupiter/Archangel Sachiel). This is pretty cool because you are able to remain balanced and optimistic whatever challenges you are facing. Rock on!
  2. You might benefit from talking to a business advisor (King of Pentacles) or at least take better care of your own finances, to make sure you have enough left over for a rainy day.
  3. The Ace of Swords (Element of Air) shows me that you need to scrap at least one of those brilliant new ideas you had recently. It would only take you down the garden path and yet another Tower experience.
  4. A blockage of sexual energy is showing here with the 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo). It’s probably nothing serious, so take care of it instead of walking around all irritable!
  5. Get it out of your head! 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini). And no, I don’t mean go and beat someone up (even though you probably feel like it, looking at the 5 of Wands above) but write it down… Get in black on white so that you understand what it is you are dealing with here… because only then are you free to release it.

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