4 Weeks to Reading Intuitively – Part 1

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Welcome to this 4-week course to full INTUITIVE Tarot reading confidence through working with the Four Elements. This is not a beginners course but will work for anyone who has a basic knowledge of the structure of the Tarot cards and the individual card meanings. The aim of the course is to take you deeper into your intuitive ability to connect with the cards, as well as facilitate the ability to sense the energy flowing from one card to the next and how the energy of individual cards rises to meet the question at hand.

In week one, we will be working with the Element of Fire. There are 5 exercises for each Element, one per day (with the weekend off). You can follow the timeline for the course, if you like, and will then be able to attack the next lesson in a week’s time, or you can go at your own pace. There is no homework to hand in but you are free to share your experiences and/or ask any questions in the comments. Please be aware that the comment thread will close two weeks from when each article is published.

General instructions

You will be working with the Element of Fire all week, so keep your senses open alert to occurrences of Fire in the world around you. The colors of Fire are red, orange, and gold. In food, Fire is found in hot spices and alcohol.

Pay attention to how Fire waxes and wanes within you. When you become sexually aroused, the Element of Fire is on the rise – equally when you become angry, agitated, or passionate about something or someone. Courage and bravery are Fire traits.

Your vitality levels in general also relate to the Element of Fire. Fire is the ‘greening power’ that gives us energy but that can also easily be exhausted and cause burnout if it is not in balance with the other Elements.

The corresponding Suit is Wands.

For each day of doing the exercises below, keep a journal and in addition to taking notes about the exercises, make a note of your own Fire levels for that day.

Make sure that you can do the work for this week’s lessons undisturbed and give your family members a fair heads up on what is happening.

Day 1 – Locate the cardinal direction of South in relation to where you live. Light a candle in the South and invoke the protection of Archangel Michael. Place the deck you will be working with (preferably one you are familiar with) by the candle and ask God to bless your cards and your mind with an understanding of the Element of Fire. Draw the alchemical symbol of Fire in the palm of your hand. Visualize a flame in your palm. Place the palm over your solar plexus chakra (Fire centre) and breathe in Fire. Every time you see/sense/become aware of Fire in the week ahead, draw the symbol in the palm of your hand to strengthen the connection.

Day 2 – Separate out the Suit of Wands. Create a clockwise circle with the Wands cards, big enough for you to sit comfortably inside it. Start with the Ace of Wands in the South. Sit down and visualize a wall of Fire rising up from the cards all around you. Relax and breathe normally, with your eyes closed, for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Allow images to arise – do not force anything. You can go around the circle with your mind if you like, to see if any of the cards want to step forward. You may notice that the Court Cards can get quite chatty. Close the circle by mindfully gathering the cards together as if gently snuffing out a candle. Give thanks.

Take notes of any visions or sensations that you experienced.

Day 3 – With the Suit of Wands spread out before you, turn on some music that you feel represents the Element of Fire. The music should be dynamic and uptempo. Guitar and other stringed instruments work well. Grab one of the Wands cards and express its energy through movement (please make sure you are sufficiently warmed up).  Repeat this exercise with as many cards as you like (a minimum of three) and change the music if need be, to be more in harmony with the energy of the card you are working with. You will need to set aside an hour for this exercise.

Cool down and stretch your muscles.

Write down what you learned and make a note of which cards you struggled with. Repeat the exercise for those cards in a day or two.

Day 4 – Lay out the four Aces before you in the following order: Wands (Fire), Cups (Water), Swords (Air) and Pentacles (Earth).  Meditate on how Fire interacts with the other Elements. It is doused by Water or turns Water into steam. Air feeds Fire and produces smoke or gas explosions. Earth can also douse Fire or, in the form of wood, feed it. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are signs of interaction between Fire and Earth.

Shuffle the Aces back into a Minors only deck (simply take the Majors out). Without asking a question, lay out five to ten cards in a row before you (keep going until you have at least one Wands card on the table), paying attention to how the Wands card(s) interacts with the other cards. Is it happy? Is there balance? Is the Fire being doused or is it building into an explosion. What temperature is the row of cards before you? What is the volume and what kind of music would be playing? Is the energy flowing smoothly from left to right or are there major blocks/interruptions?

Make some notes in your journal.

Day 5 – Separate the Minors out from your working deck and make one pile for each suit. Shuffle carefully and ask to be shown the Elemental balance within your own being. Pull one card from the top of each pile and lay them out before you. Take some time to contemplate the draw and make notes. Is your Fire rising? Does it seem in balance with the other Elements?

Shuffle the rest of the Minors together with the Majors and look through the deck face up until you come across the Fire Major, XX Judgment. The card on the left is a clue about what you need to do less of to balance your Fire and the card on the right is a clue about what you need to do more of.

Write the reading down.

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Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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