Archangel Sachiel Tarot Spread

Archangel Sachiel Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter (planet of expansion) and the Archangel Sachiel. Jupiter also happens to correspond with the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. Whenever the Wheel of Fortune shows up in a Tarot reading and you’re not quite clear on the meaning, you can use this spread to extrapolate…

The Archangel Sachiel Tarot Spread can also be used to elucidate some of the key concepts associated with the Wheel of Fortune on a personal level: abundance (and possible blocks to abundance), risk-taking, opportunity and feeling expansive.

Archangel Sachiel Helps You Expand into Your Life Purpose

Finally, this versatile spread can be applied to a more general reading about your Life Purpose… because guess what?! When you move in the direction of your deepest and most divine desires (which is where you feel the most expansive), you also move in the direction of opportunity and abundance!

Feel free to light an indigo or purple candle, invoking Sachiel before you begin your reading. Feel free to use your own words. Some people feel uncomfortable ‘praying’ to angels. However, you are not praying as you would to Mother-Father God; You are invoking assistance from a friend. Using lapis lazuli, lepidolite or sugilite can strengthen the connection and clarity with which the messages come through.

Positional Meanings

1. Where you are feeling expansive right now
2. Where you are experiencing abundance 
3. One way to generate more abundance
4. One possible block to abundance
5. Your comfort zone
6. An opportunity coming up which may require you to move outside your comfort zone


Archangel Sachiel Sample Reading

1. With the 3 of Swords as the area where I feel most expansive now, you might suspect some masochistic tendencies… Either that or you’ll understand that I am quite happy to explore and heal wounds inflicted during my recent break-up. Better perform open heart surgery without anaesthesia than let anything fester, I always say!

2. The 3 of Cups is showing lots of joy in close friendships. Spot on!

3. With the Queen of Cups as a way of inviting more abundance, I do well to stay attuned to my intuition and not be afraid to be emotionally transparent.

4. The Chariot as a possible block to abundance shows me that I need to make sure that my ego is aligned with Higher Will in those areas where I seek to expand.

5. The Star is my comfort zone indeed. This is the work I do, disseminating information to large groups of people via the Internet.

6. The Magician shows me that I may have to leave the comfort of my home to teach in public soon.

Do try this spread and let me know how you go in the comments below!

love raven liora

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