asking the tarot if your partner is cheating

Asking the Tarot ‘Is He Cheating?’

asking the tarot if your partner is cheating

Clients often come to Tarot readers wanting to know if their partner is cheating. Budding and seasoned Tarot readers alike struggle with these types of questions… On the one hand, they want to help their clients with peace of mind and answer their questions in as straightforward a manner as possible; on the other hand, they may doubt their ability to accurately see/interpret the situation. For instance, what if the cards reflect the fear of the client more than what is actually happening… And maybe ‘psychic spying’ isn’t entirely ethical?

Both concerns are entirely valid. In fact, these two points are enough to ‘not go there’ but there is more, much more… Let’s say you could accurately divine whether someone is cheating, with (let’s be generous) an accuracy of 99.99%… What will you do with this knowledge once the cards have provided it? Confront your partner? Sue them? Threaten them? Walk away?

The real problem is, of course, that it is not the cheating that is the real issue here, it’s the lack of trust. If you have reached that low point in your relationship where you are questioning your partner’s fidelity there are only two options, confront them and request relationship counseling in order to at least attempt to restore trust (necessary if children are involved) or simply realize that there isn’t enough trust there to build on and walk away.

So how do we best deal with these types of questions? The first port of call is prevention. If you have a clause about not doing third-party questions in the Reader’s Ethics part of your website, you can refer to this in the first instance and prevent your client from taking your refusal to read on their question personally.

Then it becomes a simple matter of helping your client rephrase the question so that it is more centered on them. You could for instance suggest a very open format along the lines of ‘What do I need to know about this situation and how to best move forward from it?’ The Tarot will take care of the rest.

But what about those readers who claim that their ‘cards never lie.’ Isn’t your client better off going to one of them? Sure. They also usually promise to predict all questions about the future with 100% accuracy and don’t be surprised if they suggest that the real reason he is cheating is that you are cursed. But don’t worry – they can also help you lift that curse for only $$$.

It’s still up to you as a reader/client how to handle this but personally, I wouldn’t want the karma that comes with these types of reading. I have done some in the past and the sticky feeling you get energetically from them lingers… Not only that but there may well be karmic repercussions. In fact, I asked the Tarot about those and got the following trio of cards… EEEEEEEK! You make your own mind up if it’s worth it!

asking third party readings of the tarot

So, to summarise, as a Tarot reader who is approached with questions along the lines of ‘Is he still seeing his ex?’ etc, remember that prevention is your first port of call and write your Reader’s Ethics up, post them on your website and have the link ready to send out as soon as the question lands in your inbox. Then focus on how to best help the client move forward from her trust issues and whatever other patterns may be involved (the Tarot will soon tell!) by rephrasing the question for them.

Once you have emailed the client your suggestion on how to rephrase the question, cut the cords. You are under no obligation to help them further and it is no skin off your nose if they decide you are not the right reader for them. Let someone else deal with that kind of karma. If they do come back to you consider it meant to be 🙂

If you are reading this as a prospective client, please understand this: If you are doubting your partner’s loyalty and suspecting they are seeing someone else (or even more than one other person), the relationship is already over. You deserve better than that… and that’s not what LOVE looks like. Do get a Tarot reading but make the focus about you… trust me, your partner’s focus is all about them.

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg

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