The Antevorta Carmentalia Tarot Spread

Carmentalia Tarot Part 2 – The Future

Carmentalia Tarot Part 2 - Your Future

Today, 15 January, is the second feast day of the two-day Carmentalia celebration in honour of Carmenta, Goddess of Prophecy. The first feast is the 11 January and you find my thoughts on both days, along with a Carmentalia Tarot spread for the past HERE.

Today our focus is on the future and since Carmentalia comes around only every 12 months, we ought to cover the whole year head. I created a Carmentalia Tarot spread for the future which renders advice from the 7 classical planetary rulers which would have been recognised by all Romans back in the day when Carmentalia was celebrated.

The sibling/aspect of Carmenta who ruled the future was known as Antevorta or Porrima. Together with Postverta, these two siblings (or aspects) were known as the Carmentae.

The Antevorta Carmentalia Tarot Spread

The Antevorta Carmentalia Tarot Spread

Use only the Major Arcana cards from your deck of choice for this spread or work with a Majors only Tarot deck. What you are divining for here is not specific events but major influences in your life in the year ahead.

  1. Sol – What will influences your self-perception. What challenges you will need to overcome with regards to self-confidence/how others will perceive you in general.
  2. Luna – What will influence your emotions. What challenges you will need to cope with in order to find harmony and stability in your emotional life.
  3. Mercurius – What will influence your intellect and communication skills. What challenges you will face with regards to getting your point across and for it to be well received.
  4. Venus – What will influence your values. What challenges will help shape and transform your values in the year ahead. How to make more room for beauty and harmony in your life.
  5. Mars – What will influence conflicts. What challenges might arise through opposition with others and/or within your own self.
  6. Jupiter – What will influence good fortune in your life in the year ahead. What you can do to make the most of fortuitous opportunities.
  7. Saturnus – What will influence limiting circumstances in your life in the year ahead. What you can do to work within your means.

Look out for of the planetary trumps landing in their own House in this spread – This means strongly fated events will occur within that sphere and you may wish to pull further cards to read on this. The planetary trumps are:

SolThe Sun
LunaThe High Priestess
Mercurius (Mercury) – The Magician
VenusThe Empress
MarsThe Emperor
JupiterThe Wheel of Fortune
Saturnus (Saturn) – The World




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