Cupid's Arrow Love Tarot Spread

Cupid’s Arrow Tarot Spread


We all know what Cupid’s arrows can be like… a bit hit-and-miss! What do you do when the object of your affection hardly seems to notice you? As the saying goes: “All is fair in love and war” Mind you, I’m not suggesting you go and pinch someone else’s sweetheart but maybe you need to yank that bow and arrow out of Cupid’s tiny chubby hands and become your own Cupid just this once. The good news is that the Tarot can help uncover just what you need to do to steal his heart with Cupid’s Arrow Tarot Spread!

Steal His Heart with Cupid’s Arrow Tarot Spread


1. Is he or she shy?

The reason I have this question for card one is that many people who come to me for a reading about a love interest want to know if maybe they are holding back because they are shy, so let’s see if we can rule this excuse while we pull the arrow back.

In the Minor Arcana, cards that suggest shyness might be the Page of Cups, the 8 and 9 of Swords, and the 4 of Cups, while the Fire / Wands cards in general speak against the person being shy.

In the Major Arcana, three possibly shy cards would be the High Priestess, The Hermit, The Hanged Man and The Moon. Use your imagination and tune into the energy of any other card you pull – trust your gut!

2. What is the main reason for him or her being elusive?

If another court card shows up here, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have their sights set on someone else. However, that does not necessarily mean you need to pull out of the competition.

3. What main strength do you need to draw on to get his or her attention?

This card will reveal an innate gift or talent you have that will appeal to your love interest.

4. What action do you need to take?

A Page, the 2 of Pentacles or the 8 of Wands here would be an indication that sending him or her a message would be a good idea.

Holding off on doing anything would be indicated by the 4 of Swords, the Hanged Man and the 8 of Swords.

The need for more information before proceeding to take action would be indicated by, for instance, the 7 of Swords and The Moon.

5. His or her feelings for you now

To know if yours are reciprocated, you would ideally want the 2 of Cups or The Lovers.

6. How the wind blows

This card may symbolise interference from the outside. Alternatively, it represents something else you need to be aware of that may affect the aim of your arrow.

7. Where the arrow lands if you aim carefully and fire it with precision

This is the most likely long-term outcome.

Blessed be!

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