Deck Interview with the Sirian Starseed Tarot

the sirian starseed tarot

The Sirian Starseed Tarota tool for higher consciousness and soul awakening – by Patricia Cori (creatrix) and Alysa Bartha (artist) arrived today. When I first stumbled upon this deck online a couple of months ago, I got very excited. The theme was right down my alley and the sample images looked very yummy indeed; Tarot eye candy with a spiritual message? Yes, please!

I went ahead and placed my pre-order and forgot all about it, so it was a very nice surprise when the set arrived earlier this afternoon. Some decks require a bit of pampering, so when my new Sirian baby arrived I felt compelled to pull out my chakra silk cloth and some of my favourite crystals.

Massive Cards

What I wasn’t prepared for was how absolutely huge the cards would be. I took a snap of the Sirian with a regular-sized Waite Smith card on top to give you an idea:

size of sirian starseed tarot

As you may have gathered by now, this is a non-traditional Tarot deck with many of the card names as well as all the suit names swapped around:


Wands = Flames
Cups = Chalices
Swords = Orbs
Pentacles = Crystals

Court Cards

Page = The Seeker
Knight = The Adept
Queen = The Sage
King = The Master

Major Arcana

The Fool = Starseed
The Magician = Indigo
The High Priestess = Higher Self
The Empress = Abundance
The Emperor = Reason
The Hierophant = Guidance
The Lovers = The Lovers
The Chariot = The Chariot
Strength = Strength
The Hermit = Reflection
The Wheel of Fortune = The Great Wheel
Justice = Divine Justice
The Hanged Man = Hanging Man
Death = Transition
Temperance = Alchemy
The Devil = The Shadow
The Tower = The Tower
The Star = The Star
The Moon = Luna
The Sun = Solar Deity
Judgement = Karma
The World = Ascension

Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck Interview

But I know what you’re all waiting for now – you want to hear from the deck itself (gender-neutral this one!)… So without further ado, I give you the Sirian Starseed Tarot! *cue thunderous applauds*

sirian starseed tarot deck interview

1. Describe yourself in three words or less – 4 of Orbs (4 of Orbs): Bringer of Peace

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – 2 of Chalices (2 of Cups): Kind and loving

3. What gift do you bring? – Sage of Orbs (Queen of Swords): Clarity

4. What do you expect in return? – III Abundance: To share your gifts with the world (I’m on a III/Empress Soul Path)

5. How can you help me serve? – Adept of Flames (Knight of Wands): By bringing sexy back. Kidding πŸ˜‰ !! But seriously – I’m actually kinda’ fun. I can help you connect with people by making them feel good about themselves.

Me: I believe you! lol OMG, I have a crush on you already! And I have a secret to confess. When I was shuffling, I was hoping you would show up! *blushes*

Sirian: πŸ˜‰

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – 9 of Flames (9 of Wands): Not really… But I have some questions I would like you to ponder until we meet again. Would it be OK to quote the companion book here?
Me: Absolutely!

The Sirian Starseed Tarot Had Some Questions for Yours Truly

Sirian:Β Are you prepared to stand tall for what you believe in – no matter what is thrown at you? Are you a symbol of truth and valour to others? Can you rally the troops in support of your ideals and goals? Are you fearless in the light of obstruction and opposition? Do you really know your strength?

Me: Thank you for answering my questions and for leaving me with those questions in return. I will have to mull over the answers. We are establishing a strong connection already and I look forward to working with you for personal healing and development and in readings for clients.

Sirian: It’s been a pleasure!


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  1. Thanks Kat, so glad you like it! Sorry for the late reply – Disqus had chosen to hide your comment in the spam section for some reason (possibly because you added a link). Very glad I found it! Give my regards to Tricia – it means a lot to me as an awakening Starseed to have this deck in my Tarot tool kit! It's definitely coming with me to the UK Tarot Conference this weekend πŸ™‚

  2. I've seen a lot of book reviews in my time at North Atlantic Books, but I have to say, this one takes the cake for most clever review I've ever read! I loved, loved, loved your interview with the deck. I'm definitely sharing this one around the office and on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your support of Patricia Cori's deck!
    – Kat Engh, North Atlantic Books (

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