Deck Interview with the After Tarot

After Tarot Deck Interview

I first spied the ‘After Tarot‘ in an Instagram post and got that feeling of having to have a deck. It was nice actually, because I haven’t had that feeling for quite a while, other than obviously when pre-ordering The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland as soon as it came out since I have been waiting for years with bated breath for that one.

The After Tarot is published by Lo Scarabeo. Pietro Alligio is the man behind the concept and the artist’s name is Giulia E. Massaglia. The instructions in the LWB are by Corrine Kenner and have been translated into other languages from English. Good move to write it in English, since some of the English LWB meanings were quite poor translations in past Lo Scarabeo productions.

The artwork has slightly more muted colours than the Original Rider Waite Tarot deck and therefore reminds me more of the Smith Waite Centennial Tarot, which is a good thing.

The concept of this deck is that it follows the original Smith Waite cards faithfully but depicts them seconds or minutes after what happens in the original images. We have some really clever/funny interpretations of this in some of the cards and some that are less imaginative.

As for the LWB, I just wish they would explain more – especially for the Majors. For instance, why does the High Priestess hold the keys of the Hierophant and the Hierophant the HP’s book? And what’s with the serpent and the hound in the Hermit card? These are all important symbols we need explanations for if we wish to make the most of readings with this deck. Quite contrary to how it is with most LWBs, you actually get more useful explanations for the Minors. That said, I understand you can’t go into too much detail in a multilingual LWB that has to fit inside the card box… A proper companion book would be nice!

I unwrapped this deck on the New Moon in Sagittarius, so I thought it would be nice to use an astrological deck interview spread. Before I laid the cards out, I asked for a blessing from Archangel Sachiel, ruler of Jupiter/Sagittarius. I dedicated the deck to quests for optimism, visionary ability, emotional freedom and a sense of adventure in life. I feel this deck reflects the spirit of adventure since it dares to explore what happens next – It really is quite a bold move!

After Tarot Deck Interview Reading

1. Moon (Archangel Gabriel) – How will this deck work with me on an intuitive level?

The Lovers – It will be a real partner for intuitive readings since it’s already thinking outside the box. You will have full access to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and be able to cut through any confusion like Raphael with Zayin.

2. Mars (Archangel Camael) – What is your motivation for wanting to work with me?

4 of Cups – You were getting bored with the same old, same old… I’m like a breath of fresh air… or that fourth cup. When you pour it out, you will be able to scry the patterns…

3. Mercury (Archangel Raphael) – What sort of messages are you wanting to pass on through me?

3 of Wands – Messages that help people feel strong and capable, trusting deeply in their own innate leadership abilities… Frank, no BS messages. Sometimes they will be downright blunt because let’s face it, it’s necessary to hit people over the head with a 2×4 every now and again, to keep them from falling back asleep.

4. Jupiter (Archangel Sachiel) – How will I benefit from working with you?

3 of Cups – Oh my, we are going to have so much fun. It will be truly epic.

5. Venus (Archangel Anael) – How can I use this deck to bring more beauty, joie de vivre and fairy sparkles into the life of seekers?

5 of Wands – By acting as their sparring partner and challenging their status quo.

6. Saturn (Archangel Cassiel) – What will be my main challenge when working with this deck?

8 of Cups – You’ll never want to leave because you’ll start making up stories of what happened before, as well as what happens after the moment after…

7. Sun – Please show me an aspect of yourself that you want me to get to know a better.

The Fool – This so sums up the spirit of this brave little Tarot deck… So what if I took a risk and fell off? I still have time to smell this flower! I feel the After Tarot helps me relate the Archetype that I have memorised better to what is actually happening now in my life.

This is a gem of a deck. And yes… oodles of fun to be had, even just looking at the images!

love raven liora

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  1. Ooh, that looks like so much fun! What a great concept 🙂 And I loved the answers you got with your spread – definitely not a shy and retiring deck 😀 It’s gone on my Christmas wishlist…

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