Tarot reading with the Tarot of Trees using the Archangel Jeremiel Life Lesson Integration Tarot Spread

Eclipse Season Lesson Integration Tarot Reading

Well, it’s time for another eclipse season lesson, it seems… Yesterday, I posted a new Tarot spread here on the Angelorum blog – ‘The Archangel Jeremiel Life Lesson Integration Tarot Spread‘ and today I’m sharing my own reading with this spread. What is outwardly apparent in terms of what the most recent eclipse brought and what I’m processing in its wake is what I refer to as Doreengate. Since this surfaced, we have also had news of guru Ram Rahim and mega-church pastor Joel Osteen…

None of them has come out smelling of roses and I’m sure many former followers are feeling lost and betrayed while the hardcore followers are more devoted than ever, denying any form of wrongdoing (brainwashing does that to a person). It’s a pattern, folks and it’s all about patriarchal structures crumbling. I’m glad I can see the pattern quite clearly now but I’m interested in how patriarchy is crumbling within me thanks to all this… It can be hard to see all that lurks in the shadows… That’s why I read the Tarot for myself – to help bring it all into the light for healing, discernment, wisdom and understanding

1. What has truly changed (other than the immediately apparent)

The 4 of Wands here speaks of a change of residence. This is so true. After finding myself ‘homeless’ upon leaving the church and trying to move back in a few times, I finally accept that I have a permanent change of address… and my new abode is in the temple of my own heart where God has lit her Holy Fire. I have that zero point within where intellectual knowledge can be left at the door and I allow myself to just be, purged of all programming and desires other than the desire to be in deep communion with Spirit.

2. What you can control in this process of change

The 8 of Cups tells me that I am very much in charge of what I leave behind now… and it is rather a lot but it all falls within the pattern I mentioned above. It is extremely liberating!

3. What you must surrender

3 of Swords… I must surrender the heartache that comes from seeing people in the spiritual community circle turn on those who speak out about recent wrongdoings… There is a deep divide now and it hurts. I don’t want this but I surrender it to God for healing. In time, Love heals all. I have rock-solid faith that Love has already won.

4. A personal strength to draw on in the process of integrating this lesson

The World. I am capable of closing one chapter and moving on to the next with another lesson under my belt. I accept life’s cyclical nature and don’t see myself as more evolved than anybody else, just setting out on another adventure that will help me embody Love that bit better.

5. A weakness to be aware of

The 2 of Pentacles. I change tracks a bit too quickly at times and struggle to put roots down. I overreach and there is often a lack of stability. The imagery in this card shows me that I forfeit not just stability but simplicity by involving myself in too many twists and turns… I get caught up in the 3D illusion, jumping from one topic to the next. It’s time to slow down, ground, centre and start treading more carefully/deliberately, in accordance with my soul’s calling rather than with my intellectual curiosity…

6. What awaits on the other side of this lesson

So the King of Pentacles shows me that I do have to get serious about my work now… It’s time to buckle down, pay attention to detail, consolidate what I intend to move forward with and get structured about how I use my time in the weeks to come. This is me taking charge of the health and work sectors of my life completely. The King of Pentacles corresponds to Virgo (Mutable Earth). Elementally, the King of Pentacles is Fire of Earth. It feels very much like I am getting ready to embody the Divine Masculine in a way that works for me as a woman, guided by that Holy Fire in my heart.

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. Much heartache but also much growth and best of all, I’ve made some wonderful new friends.

All is well that ends well and if things aren’t good yet it only means that we have a bit further to go…

love raven liora

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  1. I love what you say about coming home to your own heart! And I’m definitely trying to consolidate, too. I just got offered something, workwise, that was instantly tempting, but with some thought it’s going to have to be a no. It’s not where I am now. So, does the soul’s purpose rather than intellectual curiosity rule in or out the EFT course? 😉

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