Embody Your Soul Tarot Spread

Embody Your Soul Tarot Spread
Deck used: Connolly Tarot

Be at peace with your own soul,
Then heaven and earth will be at peace with you.

Enter eagerly into the treasure
house that is within you,
And you will see the things that are in heaven;
For there is but one single entry to them both.
The ladder that leads to the Kingdom in hidden within your soul…

Dive into yourself and
in your soul you will discover
The stairs by which to ascend.

~ Saint Isaac of Nineveh

We’re not born with a Map of Life but this Tarot spread gets pretty close. You’re here to embody your soul as fully as possible and these four Tarot cards can help you with the how.

Embody Your Soul Tarot Spread

1. Vocation – This card gives you a clue about your life purpose in terms of your career or vocation and shows you how to maximise on the gifts of the Spirit bestowed upon you before you were even conceived.

2. Life lesson – This card shows you the main theme you need to explore and study in this life time in order to fully embody your soul.

3. Tweak tool – This card shows you where you often stumble and need to pause for breath/prayer in order to realign.

4. Doing right – This aspect of your soul’s embodiment is already working for you. Drawing on this strength can only help!

Embody Your Soul Tarot Reading

1. Ace of Swords (Vocation) tells me that I am here to sow seeds in the form of new thoughts and ideas. “The pen is mightier than the sword” popped into my mind when I turned this card over, so it is connected with my writing.

2. 10 of Cups (Life lesson) is no surprise in this position since family life has been a source of many (difficult) lessons since birth. This is also a card of communion with the family of mankind on a larger scale.

3. 3 of Swords (Tweak tool) shows me that whenever I isolate myself or cut myself off (either vertically or horizontally), I need to pause and pray for guidance rather than succumb to feelings of loneliness or despair. Loneliness has almost become my comfort zone and this is not helpful in terms of my soul’s embodiment.

4. 9 of Cups (Doing right) tells me that one of my greatest strengths is the ability to find contentment in the little things… But more than that… I can’t help but look at this card image (reminiscent of Jesus at the last supper) and think that of all the decisions I made, the decision to give my life to the Lord was then one the brought me the most peace and joy. He is my Shepherd and I shall not want.

Hope you enjoy trying this spread for yourself and I would love to hear what you come up with in the comments below!

Blessed be!


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  1. Wow, thanks for the quick response. And what a beautiful interpretation. Currently I am following an education to become an Essential Transformational Therapist (yes, that is the actual name! A connection between several forms of therapy and spirituality). I hope to help people after I finish my education to reach their full potential.Like you do through your readings! This card fits incredible! Thank you!

  2. Hi Ilona, lots of Majors! The 10 of Wands is known as the Phoenix card. Your vocation will be focused in some way on helping others who are suffering from limiting (or self-limiting) circumstances to rise above. I envision some kind of helping profession and one that will teach you the importance of delegating/asking for help as you are prone to shoulder too much of the responsibility yourself at times. Does this help? Glad you love the site! 🙂

  3. Hello Lisa,

    This site just recently caught my attention. I drew Wands 10, High Priestess, Emperor and Hermit. The Hermit is very recognizable because I have a tendency to be by myself! I just don't really understand Wands 10. My vocation is to carry too much around? Or to take responsibility?

    Love your site,

    Dutch greetings

  4. Thank you so much for your thoughts, this is all a lot clearer now. Thanks again for the lovely spread. I can't believe how accurate it has been for me. Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Thanks Lisa! I'm a part time teacher, I teach art and design and often find it hard balancing my own creative work with my teaching work so this makes a lot of sense! Also, I tend to be a bit of a loner and find that the only way I can really connect with others is through my art or through teaching. Could the Empress indicate that life lessons could come from being a mother as well as from my Mother?

  6. Hi there and thanks – glad you enjoy the spread! I'll assume the Hermit was in the 'Vocation' position and The Empress in the 'Life Lesson' position since you mentioned them in that order…? The Hermit is a teacher. Your Life Lessons are centered around nurturing and your Mother will have played an important role… But the Empress is also about enjoyment, pleasure and beauty. In this respect she can temper the influence of the rather austere Hermit… and vice versa too, of course. hence the Temperance card comes in handy for bringing these two opposites together. The middle road between the first two cards may not always be possible… but that's no excuse for not trying! 😉

  7. This is a beautiful spread Lisa, thanks for sharing it. I drew The Hermit, The Empress, Temperance and the the Page of Pentacles. I am a bit confused by the combination of the Hermit and the Empress as they don't seem to sit well together to me. Temperance in the third position makes sense as I tend to go "back and forth" over and over things, compromise when I should stand my ground and often have problems committing to a single course of action. The Page was a great card to see in the fourth position if it's indicating that I'm on the right track. Any suggestions about the Hermit and the Empress together?

  8. Hi Marta, glad you enjoyed this spreads. Two 2's emphasise mutability and the importance of staying centred while making the right choices. Relationships will no doubt be of extra importance. It would be interesting to look at your birth date Numerology is to see what your relationship to the number 2 is there. All 2's fall under the domain of the High Priestess (the Moon), so no doubt all these many lessons about life's mutability are there to make you wiser. Her method of choice is to go within and to heed your own intuition. She brings balance to the Empress who has a tendency to overreach at times.

  9. Hi Lisa, I am always amazed about your spreads!They work so accurately.. even when they´re "just" 4 cards 🙂 I drew the emperess as vocation, the two of disks as life lesson, the 9 of cups as tweek tool and the two of wands as doing right… I can so relate to the 2 of cups (change) as the lesson it seems I´m working on learning right now and the difficulty that I have to learn right now. Accepting the mutable nature of everything and don´t seeing it as a failure component of my life, but as a strenght and potential renew! I feel it´s deeply connected to the struggle that I have in "keeping up" through challenges (9 cups). But this spreads keeps me "focused" on the aim 🙂 I found it fascinating that I had two cards with number 2 (pentacles and wands) as lesson and what I am doing right …any suggestion to that?

  10. 🙂 Thank you, Lisa, that really helped me and it rings true. I had to laugh at 'Worry' showing up as my 'Life Lesson', though, you have NO idea! :))

    I generally use the Prince of Wands as my own significator card in spreads with this Thoth deck so that made perfect sense to me. The Moon comes up a lot for me in personal readings lately as well. I think it's confirmation that I need to trust more in the spiritual / psychic insights I get which also entails overcoming fear and releasing attachment to ego. Perhaps this would resolve some of the conflicts between Prince of Wands and Princess of Disks too I suppose. 🙂
    Thanks again – Love & Light to you, Paul

  11. Hi Paul, the Princess of Disks as 'Doing right' means that you are quite adept at embodying your soul. She is the throne of the Ace of Pentacles and constantly gives birth to new form. She is Abundance personified… if you stop worrying (5 of Disks), you will notice that you can manifest pretty much anything. Moon could be a sign that you let fear interfere with the process of manifestation. Any time you feel yourself getting fearful, simply take a deep breath and surrender to Higher Will. The Prince of Wands and the Princess of Disks may not always see eye to eye but have the power of forming a powerful and inspired partnership. You are obviously here to help people have more fun! Blessings, Lisa

  12. Hi Lisa,
    So I tried this spread out just now. I drew these cards from a Thoth deck in order from 1-4, 'Prince of Wands', 'Worry' (5 of Disks), 'The Moon', and 'Princess of Disks'. I drew one more to clarify overall, 'The Sun'. I think I understand the meaning of all but the 'Princess of Disks' card. I gather that this spread was intended for self reflection and meditation but I am curious how you might interpret that card?

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