Tarot Spread Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Tarot Spread Full Moon in Pisces


  1. What is real – Where you need to ground your energy and put the extra effort in
  2. This is not real – Flights of fancy, delusions and deceptions
  3. What needs protecting/Where do boundaries need to be enforced
  4. How to best stay healthy
  5. What you are currently transcending
  6. What you need to surrender/let go of

This Virgo Sun – Pisces Moon opposition on Wednesday 6 September 2017 is no regular Full Moon in Pisces. It’s a total doozy because Neptune is sitting right on top of the Moon when it is full, aka a conjunction. Neptune is, as you may know, the ruler of all things Piscean. In the Tarot it is represented by The Hanged Man and Pisces is represented by The Moon.

Looking at/contemplating/meditating with these two cards will give you a better sense of the energies we are dealing with. What we have here is a complete need to surrender to the deep undercurrents of our emotions. You will be more sensitive than usual and maintaining healthy boundaries may represent a real problem.

Another expression of the boundlessness of the Neptune/Pisces double whammy is lowered immunity and tolerance of toxins. This is not a Full Moon that you want to celebrate by clinking glasses with your friends. So what could you be doing instead tomorrow?

Psychic energy is likely to be extremely strong… but should you trust everything you get intuitively during this Full Moon? Not necessarily. With Neptune as one of the main players there is always a greater than average risk for delusion.

Feeling Anxious?

The Pisces Full Moon can also make some of us feel more anxious than usual. The way through this is to face any fear or anxiety that arises in awareness rather than trying to repress it. The absolute worst thing to do would be to hide in a bottle, though the temptation may be overwhelming. Use pranayama, herbal remedies such as lavender essential oil and chamomile tea to soothe your nerves instead.

Essentially, your increased sensitivity now is what is bringing hidden fears to the surface. This is happening so that any blocks to love/oneness can be released and surrendered back into the sea of Divine Love.

Look out for planets and angles in your natal chart around 13 degrees in any of the mutable signs to see which areas may be most affected by tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Personally, I’m trying to take it easy and just go with the flow for this lunation as it will be in exact conjunction with my Pisces North Node. The North Node represents our soul’s mission/full potential in this incarnation and it creates a strong ‘future pull.’

With my own Moon and Mars also in Pisces, I need to go deep within and use my spiritual discernment to see if anything I receive intuitively during this Pisces Full Moon will serve the Highest Good. Ultimately, Pisces/Neptune is about Oneness and the Highest Good for all.

What is going on for you for this Full Moon? Please share in the comments! Are you feeling super emotional and/or sensitive? Did you set anything in motion during the New Moon Solar Eclipse? Are you beginning to see results? Are you planning a release ceremony or detox (both are recommended for this lunation)?



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