Get Back on Track With the Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Chase Your Dreams Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Have you been sidetracked from your life purpose? Are your goals and dreams on the back burner? Do you feel as if fate is at cross purposes with your destiny and desire to serve humanity with your gifts for the Highest Good of All? It’s time to get back on track with this life purpose tarot spread!

Knowing your life purpose and fulfilling it are not always one and the same. Dreams of a brighter future that glimmer tantalisingly by moonlight, often seem pale and unachievable in the harsh light of day. Discerning between fantasy and one’s true calling can be tricky. But the tarot cards can help you make sense of it all by allowing you to tap into your deeper layers of knowing.

The Tarot and Oracle spread below uses three different Tarot decks to allow for the repetition of significant cards. In addition to three Tarot cards each for Fate/Soul Contract (The Wheel of Fortune), Current Lesson (The Fool) and Action Advice (Strength), there is an Oracle (of your choice) card for the same. The oracle cards will provide spiritual insights and guidance.

If you work with runes, you may also use the simple 3-rune Well of Urd Past/Present/Future draw to gain further insights.

Life Purpose Tarot Spread

Life Purpose Tarot Spread

How to do the spread:

1. Shuffle and cut the first Tarot deck. Look through the cards until you find the Wheel of Fortune. The two cards immediately following the Wheel are the Fate theme and challenge. This shows you the fated element of your Life Purpose.
2. Shuffle and cut deck two. Locate The Fool and the two cards after The Fool which makes up the Current Lesson theme and challenge. Take a minute to think about how these cards mirror what is happening in your life right now.
3. Repeat the operation with deck number three but this time locate Strength + two more cards for Action Advice. These cards relate both to the fated element and your current life lesson and help you align with the fated element/your Higher Self in the now.
4. Shuffle and cut the oracle deck and lay out the three spiritual guidance cards at the end of each row. Relate each of the Oracle cards to the preceding Tarot cards and meditate on the guidance provided therein.
5. (optional/advanced) Finally lay out the three runes according to the picture above. Please note that the runes should only be read if/when you have grasped the messages contained in the cards as they may otherwise create confusion.



For this Life Purpose reading, I chose to work with the Alchemical Tarot, the Crystal Visions Tarot, the Golden Botticelli Tarot and the Higher Intuitions Oracle. I also pulled three runes. The rune element of this reading constitutes fated elements of past present future. In this case, the future is set in stone. This is because the three runes of the Well of Urd spread are associated with the three Norns (Norse Fates) Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.

Hence, it is important to set a time frame for the reading. I suggest looking no more than six months ahead.

Look out for any cards that repeat themselves or that relate to your own Birth/Personality cards. The more Majors, the more fated things are. Remember, even when events are fated, you still have an element of choice. You have the choice to process and integrate events in a spirit of fear or love and gratitude.

The Oracle’s advice is the main focus of this reading. See it as a gentle hug from Spirit and know that you are always supported on your Life Path – the oracle cards show you how.

As you probably realise, this is a fairly advanced spread. Don’t despair if you don’t feel ready for it yet and keep studying!


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  1. I love your spreads and insight, Lisa. But what if I have only one deck? Not all Tarotphiles have a bunch of decks – some of us are broke! Do you recommend I just stick with mono-deck readings?

  2. You're very welcome, Cher. I use the Norse Futhark and the best books would be anything by Erdred Thorson or Freya Aswynn. Also, general study of Norse Mythology and literature would be helpful in understanding the mindset of those who created the runes. You can't just study the runes – you have to live them. My intuition told me to make rune infusions (water charged with one rune at the time). It was only after I had done this, I found out Freya Aswynn had done something similar. She baked rune cookies and 'ate' the runes to properly assimilate the energy. Runes are very powerful and dedicated study is necessary. Hope this helps. Blesssings

  3. Thanks for sharing, Marjorie. I'm so pleased you had a good time doing this reading for yourself. Yes, it's looking good for a new relationship coming in but you have to DECIDE (Judgment) to act on it and the Page of Swords could mean Internet Dating. Age is completely irrelevant to love! Blessings,

  4. Hi Lisa!

    I really enjoyed this spread!I did the reading on Friday 7/11, and I'm still integrating some information learned.

    I "dowsed" all of my card decks for the ones to choose.

    1) for Fate/Soul… the Robin Wood Tarot

    2) for Current Lesson… the Living Light Cards (Tarot)

    3) for Action/Advice… the Sirian Starseed Tarot

    4) My choice for oracle was Sacred Geometry Oracle Cards.

    1) Fate/Soul….theme/The Star…..challenge/Justice
    2) Current Lesson….theme/the body-throat…challenge/The Masters Staff
    3) Action/Advice….theme/Karma(Judgement)…challenge/Seeker of Orbs(Page of Swords)

    The Oracle played out this way, 1)Dancing Through Eternity(relationship), 2) Sacred Union( passion and spirit/relationship), 3) Expanded Sri Yantra (Freedom!)

    It is interesting to note here that the minute I sway from my positive self…wham! My karmic payback is swift and sure! As certainly emphasized by both Justice and Karma(Judgement).I also know that speaking my truth has been difficult from day one…hence the "Throat", and The Masters Staff is another emphasis on understanding Spiritual Law, and putting it in practice.
    I'm still working on Action/Advice….it's not making sense, except for the "Karma" card thing…Seeker of Orbs (page of swords)Hmmmmmm.
    In come my Oracles! Relationships (oh my)…I am hoping that the message here is bringing me good news in this department….at 56 that would be something else!
    Thank you Lisa! I had a great time Friday night doing this spread!
    Love, Light and Blessings!

  5. Haven't tried it yet, but I look forward to it. A friend shared this with me and I am grateful. It seems like a good addition to my tarot practice.

  6. Hi Judy, all cards are both 'positive' and 'negative' – one less attractive trait of the Star is that she can be a bit too aloof. As a challenge, it could indicate a soul contract to work with groups of people which might take you out of your comfort zone initially. The Aquarian energy of The Star resonates with the Aquarian Knight of Swords.

  7. Two funny things happened when I did this spread.

    For the first deck I used the Archangel Power Tarot and I was using the Archangel Oracle. Since according to Doreen Virtue, the Wheel represents Archangel Jeremial, and for the Oracle card, I got Archangel Jeremiel: "Life Review." I had a laugh at this.

    The second funny thing is that for the challenges I got Star, Moon and High Priestess, respectively, which all basically represent using your intuition.

    I don't understand the Star card as a challenge for the fated/soul contract as I always attributed this to being a hopeful card. I got the Knight of Swords, which I take to mean lots of passion and action but lacking in the finishing, if this helps. l think it is connecting with my intuition and my higher
    self. Searching within to guide me through the active mind of the Knight of Swords?

  8. Thanks, Lisa. With the addition of the runes, too, the message in my reading is quite clear. Not what I want to hear, exactly, but it resonates in a way that there is no dying what Spirit is saying.

  9. One question, though: 5 of Swords as my Current Lesson Theme? Does this mean I'm learning to live with defeat? (Certainly feels that way these days.)

  10. Another great spread! Interestingly enough, I got Knight of Cups as my Challenge for both Fate and Current Lesson . . .

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