Heart of The Relationship Tarot Spread

heart of the relationship angelorum tarot spread

Gain insights into the dynamics of your relationship and help your relationship grow with this in-depth Heart of the Relationship Tarot spread!

Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread – 14/15 cards

Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread
Spread created with Orphalese – You can download the Frideborg Tarot to use with this software.

1. Your current focus/life lesson
2. Your partner’s current focus/life lesson
3. What you might be holding back in this relationship
4. What you contribute to the relationship
5. What your partner contributes
6. What your partner might be holding back
7. The nature/heart of your relationship
8. What you love about your partner
9. What your partner loves about you
10. What you desire from this relationship deep down
11. What your partner desires from this relationship deep down
12. Where you see the relationship going (fears and hopes)
13. Where your partner sees the relationship going
14. Outcome – How the heart of your relationship is likely to grow over the next 6-8 weeks. If you choose to set a different time frame, please make it shorter rather than longer. Remember the ancient axiom, ‘Spell long, divine short’!

If you so choose, you may add an Oracle card in the middle of the heart, for further insights and spiritual guidance. I recommend the True Love Reading Cards or the Alphabet for Lovers Oracle.

Do let me know how you get on with this spread and feel free to pass it along to friends and fellow Tarot enthusiasts.

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  1. Hi Lisa

    How would you interpret the queen on Wands in the outcome position? Is that me pushing things forward or just more enthusiasm, passion and energy to the relationship or neither??


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