How to Choose a Focus Word for the Year Ahead


With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to choose your focus word for the New Year!

I have changed to the very core in some aspects… I’ve had to grow up… (about time – I know!!) and there have been some amazing people (you know who you are) in my life whom I have to thank for acting as catalysts. For next year, I’m contemplating choosing the word ‘ease.’ I will be in a Temperance year and would like to be able to engage more deeply in the process of soul alchemy with the effortless focus of The Magician. Ease encompasses being both in a state of grace and in a state of flow. Ease is a word that reminds me to relax because all is well…

Ease is not passive. Like putting yourself in a state of flow or grace, ease takes constant adjustment and keeping the ego in check. The ego thrives off high tension and soaring stress levels. The ego is sensationalist and easily bored. As much as I would like to announce the complete mortification of my ego after this Death year, it simply hasn’t happened yet… so I must continue to choose ease, grace and flow… and I have this hunch that if I focus on ease, the latter two might just follow.

In a state of ease, I will be more receptive (a prerequisite for both grace and flow), more relaxed and more contented. Believe it or not, ease is our natural state. It is only once we start judging and comparing ourselves to others that we become encumbered with dis-ease…

3 Easy Steps to Choosing Your Focus Word for the Year Ahead

  • Take stock of where you are now. What lesson are you currently integrating and how is it changing you?
  • Think of where you want to be a year from now. What has shifted within?
  • What does it take to create this shift – choose one word to describe the quality of the agent of change… Voilà, you have your focus word for the year ahead!

You can, of course, also pull a Tarot card for each of these questions…



Where I am now: 7 of Wands – Learning to choose my fights wisely
Where I want to be a year from now: Queen of Wands – Confident and fun
What it takes to create this shift: 3 of Swords – Complete acceptance of the fights I cannot win. Acceptance is the active part of ease. Admitting defeat is part of this journey. Accepting that life is full of pain and suffering equally so… What we resist persists. I know this all too well-being a chronic pain sufferer. Physical pain has taught me an extremely valuable lesson: accepting it and breathing through it works better than trying to resist it. I wish this lesson to permeate through to the deeper layers of me in the year ahead.

I was quite amazed at how well these randomly drawn Frideborg Tarot cards fit with where I am and what I wish to achieve in the year ahead. Yep, ‘ease’ is a keeper!

Which word might YOU choose?

Blessed Be!


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