How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Tarot Reading

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If you have never had a Tarot Reading via Email before, it might be difficult to know what to expect. Many people want to know how it is even possible to connect through the ether.

How Email Tarot Readings Work

This is how it works when you order an email Tarot reading from me: 

I connect with your energy through the vibration of your name and a picture or your date of birth. If you think about it, it makes sense that I’m able to connect with you energetically if I’m able to use the tarot cards as portals for seeing into someone’s past and future. Distance healing operates on the same principle and uses energy that transcends time and space.

Before I lay the cards out to answer your question, I ask your Higher Self to be in communication, as well as for your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides to help. I strive to receive guidance that is aligned with the wisdom of your soul and for the Highest Good of All. This may seem like a big ask of the Universe but this is done in alignment with my own calling. I know it works because it’s part of my job description.

How to Best Prepare

The better you prepare for your reading, the more you will get out of it. Here are three things you can do to prepare:

Wait with ordering the reading until you feel calm and able to focus

The idea to seek spiritual guidance of some kind usually comes after a traumatic event. This is understandable. However, if you are still very upset, it is not likely that you will be able to formulate the most helpful question or integrate the guidance given.

Sleep on it and say a little prayer for peace of mind first. Then send me your question. It’s OK to ask ANY question. I’m more than happy to help you fine-tune it and make it the most proactive and useful question you can ask in terms of helping you co-create the destiny of your dreams. Closed questions that lead to yes/no type answers are less helpful than proactive, open-ended questions that begin with ‘How…’ or ‘What…’

The more precise your question, the more precise your guidance

This is especially important to keep in mind with email readings as there is not as much room for dialogue during the actual reading. However, I’m always happy to help if anything is unclear after you have received your reading.

Prepare to align spiritually

The more you prepare spiritually to receive the guidance, the quicker you will integrate the Tarot wisdom. And the quicker you integrate it, the quicker it will become useful to you on a practical level. 

Connect with your Higher Self and stay away from mind-altering substances. Make no assumptions about what the cards might reveal. If the reading does not immediately ‘click’ with what you already know, it is always a good idea to let some time pass in order to digest the message properly.


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