How to Meet The RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

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One of the most common questions I get from clients is ‘When will I meet someone new?’ and if could have just one wish come true for all my lovely love and relationship clients, it would be that they would start askingHow Can I Meet the Right One?’ instead. Why? Because there are multiple problems with the first question:

  • Are you even ready to start dating? Many people ask if they will meet someone new straight after a break-up while still hoping Mr/Ms Wrong will return, but in too much pain to cope with time on their own (which is what they really need at this stage).
  • If you do start dating before you are over your ex (and especially if you are still in touch with them), you will simply attract more of the same.
  • Someone? Just anyone then? Because unless you get specific about what you want/need from a relationship, you will get what you wish for… Like anybody who comes along that you happen to have chemistry with. To some of us that can be quite a few people and out of all those people we have chemistry with, there might be someone we should be holding out for because with them we have the other bits too… like emotional, spiritual and intellectual compatibility.
  • The future is not set in stone. The ‘When’ is always iffy at best. If you are told you will meet someone in the next six months and settle for that as Absolute Truth by taking your Internet Dating profile down and turning down invites to social events because some psychic told you it will happen, then of course nothing will happen. In a few instances, there are fated encounters and while they do show up in a reading, the timing for those is still wibbely-wobbely like all the timey-wimey stuff.

Do you see now why asking ‘How?’ is a much better idea? The ‘How?’ addresses internal and external aspects and helps you make the most of opportunities coming your way. You will still have to be active and alert but at least you will know what to look out for and also, potentially, what healing work or adjustment you need to undertake emotionally first.

The How to Meet the RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

How to Meet the Right One Tarot Spread
  1. Am I ready to meet the Right One? The problem when you read for yourself is that this is the card you are most likely to want to misinterpret for yourself. Therefore I suggest you either pray for guidance and sleep on it before you go ahead with the rest of the reading or ask a trusted friend. You could even ask hypothetically while holding the card in front of your friend: “If someone asked ‘Am I ready to meet the Right One?’ and they got this card, would you say it looks like they are?”If the answer is ‘No,’ just wait a while to read on this again and focus on heart healing and the things you love instead.
  2. Where are we most likely to meet? This gives you clues about which hobbies and interests could lead to meeting the Right One, or if you are likely to meet via work (Pentacles). For meeting someone online, I usually get the Ace/Page of Swords, The Magician (Mercury) or The Star (Aquarius).
  3. What will be the nature of our initial connection? 9 of Cups indicates a shared sense of humour (laughter). 5 of Wands – a shared love for sports. The Moon – instantly feeling a deep emotional connection due to shared past lives, etc…
  4. What do I need to do more of to meet the Right One?
  5. What do I need to do less of if I wish to meet the Right One?
  6. Show me something about them that will make them more recognisable when we first meet. This could be anything about the card that grabs your attention: a visual clue (hair colour etc), an astrological correspondence (Zodiac sign etc), or it could be something about the surroundings (seaside, a church, the forest etc).
  7. Show me my first challenge while this new relationship is in the early stages. It could be something internal or something caused by outer circumstances. For instance, if you suffer from abandonment issues, the cards could give you the heads up by showing you the 3 of Swords… or if you are generally indecisive, it could be the 2 of Swords… or if money matters play a major part from the start, one of the Pentacles cards… or the 8 of Wands could indicate that you are rushing in too fast. If it is a personal quality in the other person, you could expect a Court Card (other than your own significator) to show up here.The thing is, even with the Right One, things rarely go smoothly from the start and many potentially great relationships could trip you up on the first hurdle before you feel you know the other person properly. This is why it is better to have the heads up, so you won’t have to trigger your flight or fight response.

One final word of caution. Even if you are 100% certain that they are the Right One and everything in your reading is coming true, please, for the love of the Goddess, take it slow and get to know them as a friend first. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this. A firm foundation isn’t laid (no pun intended) over night. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with dignity, integrity and respect… and your future partner will too.

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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