Tarot spread for divining your magick spell

Magick Working Tarot Spread

Tarot spread for divining your magick spell

Divine Your Magick Working Before You Cast Your Spell

Magick Working Tarot Reading Chant

Cards of power, cards of light
Guide me true and guide me right
May this working be correct and just
Show me the truth in perfect trust!

It is always a good idea to check the cards before you go ahead and cast a spell. The spread above will give you some clues if you should or shouldn’t, as well as what you can do to raise/channel energy and what the outcome might be.

Before you start laying the cards out, you need to separate the cards into Majors and Minors. The reason is that for the first position you use a Major Arcana card and for the second position a Minor Arcana card. For the following three cards, you mix all 78 cards together before laying them out.

It is very important to be grounded, centred and in a state of relaxed receptive consciousness (alpha) when you do a reading like this. Begin by lighting a candle and reciting the spell at the top of the page slowly three times. Focus on relaxing more deeply each time you read the words. If shuffling the cards helps you relax too, by all means, shuffle while you chant the spell.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana card in position one basically tells you whether or not to go ahead…

The Fool – yes and there is unlimited potential if you act in trust
The Magician – yes and you need to put your skills to good use in the process
The High Priestess – yes and you need to cast the spell by the light of the Moon
The Empress – yes and you should cast the spell in Nature
The Emperor – no, this needs a pragmatic, non-magickal solution
The Hierophant – no, this needs a more conventional solution
The Lovers – yes and think carefully about your words
The Chariot – green light but be sure to leave your ego out of it
Strength – yes and more energy will be available through sex magick
The Hermit – no, you need to meditate some more on this first
The Wheel of Fortune – yes, now is the right time to act and there is a lot of energy available
Justice – yes, as long as there are no legal consequences
The Hanged Man – no, there is a need for clarity or a new perspective on things first. forget about it for now
Death – yes, deep transformation is possible now
Temperance – go ahead but make sure that you don’t overreach. be very precise and don’t bite off more than you can chew
The Devil – no, you are not in tune with the Highest Good for All
The Tower – no, the Universe will throw spanners in the works
The Star – yes absolutely, you are doing humanity a service
The Moon – only if you are free of fear. Sleep on it one more night and allow your dream to guide you on which course to take.
The Sun – yes, you are strong and there is a lot of energy available for this working
Judgement – yes but beware that you will not be able to go back to how things were
The World – yes, you were born to do this!

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana card in position two tells you which medium to use/charge:

Pentacles – Crystal Magick
Cups – Potion
Wands – Candle Magick
Swords – Chanted Spell

If your preferred medium is the Tarot deck itself, simply choose and charge the card from the suggested suit that best fits your working. (Advanced option: choose the Major Arcana Tarot card best corresponding to both the suggested Element and the working you have in mind)

The third card tells you what your own energy levels are like and the fourth card tells you how to raise your energy. Do you need to rest or take some exercise? Should you phone a friend? Perhaps you need to detach or do a cord cutting?

The fifth card tells you the most likely outcome. If card one promises success and you still don’t like the outcome, you can pull a ‘tweak card’ and another outcome card. One final tweak round can be done. Do not pull more than nine cards in total. If you’re still not happy, something is off. Wait another day or two and have a do-over with the cards.



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