The Magickal Object Tarot Spread

crystal chakra angel magick wand

I was drawn to this wand when I first laid eyes on it but decided to sleep on it before making the purchase as it was quite dear. In the end, I decided to go with my gut feeling that said I would regret not getting this wand, as it truly is my dream wand and fits perfectly with the Angel Healing work I have started doing.

And here is the Magickal Object Tarot Spread that originates in the Crystal Interview Tarot Spread I created a while back…

I also decided to pull an angel oracle card to read together with the tarot card for each position:

  1. The power essence of this magickal object
  2. What issue/blockage brought us together
  3. Benefits of working with this object
  4. Connection with angels/spirit guides
  5. Practical application/usage

1. The power essence of this magickal object is represented by Jophiel – Outdoors in combination with the 2 of Coins (Pentacles). This tells me that this wand connects me with the magickal forces of the earth and helps me ground the healing energy I channel into matter. It also tells me that would do well to use it in outdoor rituals, drawing on the natural power of the Elements.

2. The issue/blockage that brought us together is a need for me to start trusting the information I receive clairvoyantly and to share it with the kind of authority represented by both Raziel and The Emperor. Note the phallic shape of the wand… Oh, and the white beard on both Raziel and the Emperor! I’ll make sure I don’t misplace my tweezers. I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of facial hair quite yet.

3. The benefits of working with this wand in my healing practice is represented by Azrael – Counsellor in combination with the Queen of Cups. This tells me that the wand will aid my empathic ability and make me more receptive to what is happening on various chakra levels in my clients’ lives. The role of the Queen of Cups is that of both the seer and the counsellor. I’m loving the male/female balance here with the cards on either side of the central card. It indicates a great ability for this amethyst angel wand to balance the ida and pingala.

4. I’m getting Archangel Gabriel with the combination of Haniel – Moon Cycles and the Knight of Coins (Pentacles). He’s the angel of the day of the week I was born. (Check THIS out if you want to learn more about your personal Angels). The Knight of Coins is my ‘youngest’ spirit guide, Scott. I have also made the connection with my Archangel Jeremiel before even pulling these cards. It could get crowded in here! I actually feel a strong connection with ‘Daughter of the Moon,’ my first female spirit guide rather than Archangel Haniel. She has appeared to me twice and the second time she gave me the name Nephthys.

5. Oh my, I’m loving to see confirmation of the career changes I’m contemplating in the cards! Here we have  Chamuel – Career Transition in combination with Temperance, the healing card in the Tarot deck. As you know, if you’ve been reading my Holistic Tarot blog posts, my deepest and most lasting passion has always been to use the cards holistically, for healing, personal development and general well-being.

Brightest Blessings