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manifest your life purpose and love your job

What is the most magical thing you can do in life? I’d say it’s to manifest your Life Purpose is a strong contender for the number one spot! So many people struggle with this or simply give up on it, leading unfulfilling lives, and doing jobs they don’t enjoy… I believe the main reason is that they do not trust that their life fits a bigger plan. Therefore, they are constantly compromising and doing the things they think they ‘should’ do – mostly so that they can keep paying their bills and/or maintain a status quo that doesn’t ruffle anybody’s feathers.

The problem with living a life of ‘shoulds’ is, of course, that your happiness levels are negatively affected. Conversely, it is true that genuinely happy people don’t care so much about the shoulds, nor do they wait for permission to do what they feel they are here to do – they simply (in a rather cat-like manner) do what makes them happy, puts them in a state of flow and allows them to enrich the lives of others in some unique way.

There Is a Bigger Plan

Your life does fit a bigger plan and your life purpose involves that one thing that you have known you were good at since you were a young child. It is what people already come to you for in some capacity, even if you are not currently getting paid to help them. It is something you do to help other people while making you happy at the same time; These two components both have to present: an alignment with your Higher Self (vertical alignment) and a connection/harmonious resonance with other people (horizontal alignment).

Your Life Purpose Arises from Within

Here’s the rub: you can’t take my word for it and nobody else can tell you what your purpose is. You have to go into silence and open up to hearing that still small voice within. Ask ‘Show me’ before you go to bed or do a meditation and expect to be shown the way synchronistically, with many little signs along the way. The answers unfold beautifully at just the right time when you ask and relax into being guided this way. But that’s not to say you can’t use your rational mind in the process too…

You already know what activities you can engage in for hours on end without feeling bored. Instead, these activities put you in a state of flow (contented timelessness).  Do not pepper your awareness of this state of flow with negative thoughts such as, ‘yeah, but I could never make a living doing this’ or ‘but dad always said there is no money in it’ etc. Keep doing what you love and counter each negative thought instantly with a positive affirmation that sounds like something you would tell your best mate.

Dare to Dream

You have to trust enough to dare to dream in order to open up to inspired thoughts on how to manifest this in a form that allows you to earn a living doing what you love. Simply state to the Universe, ‘I am ready to discover how I can be of service and make an abundant living doing what I love.’

You also need the courage to just begin. Nobody is born a seasoned expert. Nobody starts out at the top of their game. Allow yourself to be a rookie, to make mistakes and to start taking on board the feedback this gives you so that you can begin aligning horizontally as well as vertically. When you stay open this way, your path will gradually become clearer. Please don’t wait for it to be clear before you begin to take those first tentative steps – it will never happen. Be brave. You are the hero of your own story.

Because aligning with your life purpose is a process that begins deep within yourself, I choose to not read on this question. I have turned away countless prospective Tarot clients who have come to me with the question ‘What is my Life Purpose?’ Instead, I encourage them to begin the process of alignment as described above. I then ask them to come back if they need any help with practical steps along the way. For the latter, I am quite happy to use my deck of tarot cards.

Clear Your Doubts with EFT

If the voice of your soul is drowned out by negative programming which has made you doubt or completely disbelieve your own gifts and talents, you need to do some clearing work first.  I recommend EFT (aka ‘tapping’) for this. The simple routine below will help you instantly become more positive, which is totally essential to gaining clarity about your Life Purpose:

Besides the harmonious resonance with other people, you may come across some naysayers and even people who would seek to thwart you out of jealousy. Let this be no concern of yours. Simply create some space between you and them and get on with what makes you happy.

I am not going to ask ‘Are you ready?’ – I am going to ask ‘Are you brave enough to begin doing what you came here to do even though you do not feel ready?’ If you answered yes to this question, I am happy to help you move forward on the Path in any way I can (including a Tarot reading).

Unlock Your Million-Dollar Idea

I created the ‘Unlock Your Million Dollar Idea Tarot Spread’ to help you fine-tune your calling and give you some practical advice on the path to doing what you love for a living.

You were born to bring a unique skill or talent to the world – a very specific job that nobody else can do is waiting for you to invent it. And whether or not you have achieved financial success, simply engaging in developing this skill or bringing your talent to the world in any way ensures that you are already on the path to success.

So how do you know that you are engaging in pursuits that align you with your life purpose? It’s easy! You know because those activities are…

  • deeply meaningful to you
  • bring you joy
  • and bring joy to others

Your Million Dollar Idea Tarot Spread

The Million Dollar Idea Tarot Spread allows you to look deeper – beyond the feeling level – so that you know EXACTLY what you are meant to do and also how to do it in the most efficient way possible. As you do a reading with this spread, seed thoughts will be planted, whether you ‘get’ what your specific million-dollar idea is right then and there.


1. The specific life purpose talent you were born with.
2. Your new, most inspired idea.
3. How this idea is challenged by circumstances
4. How this idea is challenged by personal fear
5. Do this / best approach
6. Avoid this
7. A lesson you have learned in the past that you need to implement to safeguard your success

manifest your life purpose million dollar idea sample reading with the frideborg tarot


1. The Hermit – You are here to teach deep spiritual truths
2. 2 of Pentacles – It is time to make a decision and take the next step into the material realm so that your students can find you
3. Justice – You need to do this in harmony with all that is already happening in your life
4. The Devil – You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Your fears concern feeling trapped by matter and having spiritual truths soiled
5. The Lovers – Make passionate love to the ideas as you become aware of them.
6. 9 of Swords – Do not entertain fear-driven thoughts
7. 4 of Pentacles – Keep your personal boundaries in place. Do not reveal your plans…

love raven liora

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  1. Lisa, I turn 50 this month and I am taking a fb break for a month to do some quiet soul work. I asked for some guidance and my email is full of it from Angelorum. 🙂 it is truly perfect timing . I am working so many of the spreads here and writing them down in my Journal. also, I wanted to thank you for all of these years and readings. blessings and love, Suzanne
    p.s. I am having a blast with all of this. truly fun.

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      Happy 50th, Suzanne! So glad you enjoy what I am offering here. It’s been a pleasure to stay connected over the years – you are truly precious. Love and Blessings, Lisa

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  2. I love the new site and the way you’ve incorporated all the information you’ve provided in the past. Your spreads are some of my all time favorites, and the insights you provide on interpretations are always thought provoking and so very much appreciated. Many thanks for all you’ve done and are continuing now in this new way!This post is brilliant ~!

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  3. Great post, Lisa, all the way around! I love the encouragement, and I can’t wait to try this interesting spread!

    Just a quick heads-up: the links from the email to get here were messed up, and the link to subscribe and get the free deck is also broken.

    Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration and guidance!

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      Thanks Miss. Messed up how? What link to subscribe to get a free deck… and where? I can’t fix what’s broken unless you give me the original source of the links. Cheers

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