new moon in aries tarot spread

New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

new moon in aries tarot spread

Are you the same person you were at the start of the year? No? You’re not alone! After a series of celestial and earthly events that have triggered growth and change, many of us are forging a new identity in the process of aligning ourselves with our calling and full potential.

But many of us also feel like we are a floundering a bit. What is it that we need to release in order to move forward? What will these changes bring? Some may even be asking ‘What is the point of it all?’ if you are among those who have been severely tested recently. Just breathe and trust. It’s all for the best and the harsher the trials, the greater the things you are here to do.

Navigation Tools for the Journey

And look, you weren’t dumped here to fend for yourself without any sort of guidance. You were given a spiritual roadmap for your existence: the Tarot. No matter how lost you feel right now, you are in fact navigating one of the 22 Major Arcana lessons… and the full deck can show you just how to get through this.

Get Your Bearings This Aries New Moon

The New Moon in Aries is a chance for us all to get our bearings and finally step into our personal power with a sense of clarity and purpose. The Tarot spread below provides all the guidance you need for next leg of your journey and you will feel that it is completely yours, independent of what other people may feel you should be doing right now. You will know that nobody wins unless you start doing what you were here to do.

This means leaving your comfort zone, so I’m not promising it won’t be scary but you will feel ready to meet this challenge now… because now is the time! It really is that simple… So light a candle, start shuffling and say a little prayer, such as this one (or use your own words)…

Self-dedication Prayer

Holy Mother-Father God, lead me from darkness to light, from ignorance to truth, from death to immortality. I surrender all in service to for the Highest Good and ask you to show me clearly what my specific calling and gifts are so that I may move forward with courage and be a blessing to all who cross my path. Amen/So mote it be

New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread
  1. Growth lesson – the main issue that will promote growth between now and the next New Moon (use a separate, Majors only, deck for this… or separate the Majors out from a full deck)
  2. Main challenge – the tough part of the lesson
  3. Darkness – a shadow trait that is becoming apparent and can now be released permanently. Aries shadow has to do with being selfish in one way or another, so remind yourself of how you accuse others of being selfish if this card is not immediately making sense, as this is how shadow comes out for us
  4.  Light – How you make room for shining your light once you have let go. Aries light is all about courage and being a true warrior for the Light
  5. Ignorance – ‘When I know better, I do better’ Something you have been ignorant about concerning your self/Path of Service and that can now be revealed thanks to the gateway opened by this lunation. (relate this also to card number two)
  6. Truth – The understanding that replaces the ignorance (relate this also to card number one)
  7. Death – What must be permanently deleted from your existence/ego mortification. If a ‘positive’ card shows up here, you may have to dig a bit deeper
  8. Immortality – At the time of the Full Moon, this is what the seed of ego mortification will yield

Awakening to Your True Self/Higher Self

The final two cards are in essence about moving from the persona/little self to the True Self, the unafraid Self, the Self ready to serve others on a Path of Love. This does not usually happen overnight (or even in one lifetime, hence the need for reincarnation) but this lunation is a portal for a massive leap in terms of self-development… so glide, jump, or skip on through!


Lisa Frideborg

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