Pendulum Dowsing for Wellbeing 101

Aqua Aura Pendulum and Tarot Cards

Are you ready to empower yourself and take your wellbeing into your own hands? Yes?! Great! Then you need a pendulum and some basic instructions on how to do pendulum dowsing. It really is quite easy and the good news is that you don’t even need to go out and buy a crystal pendulum unless you want to. A weight on a piece of string or a necklace with a heavy-ish pendant will do nicely for now and will get you started right away.

Pendulum Basics

The first thing you need to do is learn how the pendulum responds to yes/no questions. You learn this by asking the pendulum to first show you ‘yes’ and then ‘no.’ Yes can be a circular (clockwise or anti-clockwise motion) or a vertical/horizontal response. Then repeat the exercise for no. You may also wish the pendulum to show you ‘maybe’ and ‘unanswerable.’ In my experience, the latter means the pendulum simply doesn’t move but in some cases, you may find an elliptical or diagonal response for this. How the pendulum responds to you is highly individual and may change over time.

You can check that these responses are accurate by asking the pendulum questions you already know the answer to, such as ‘Is my name _______ (insert name)?’ and ‘Does it get colder in the winter?’

Check the Timing

The second thing you need to do is check with your Higher Self if it is ‘timely and appropriate’ to dowse the answer to the question on your mind. Most experts also recommend re-checking your yes/no response each time before you even ask this, since the response may have changed overnight.

Finally, you should always close your dowsing session by asking ‘Is this true?’

If you like to practise your accuracy before you begin asking more serious questions, you could use a deck of playing cards and dowse the cards face down, asking ‘Is this a red card?’

Place all your correctly dowsed cards in one pile and all your incorrect cards in another. That way, you can easily keep track of your progress. You will most likely find that the more you relax, the better your results will be.

Practising blind dowsing is another great way of checking your accuracy when you first start out. On separate pieces of paper, write down three questions that you need a yes/no answer to. Then add two control questions, such as ‘Am I wearing a black top?’ Dowse over each question, paper face down and place them in two piles, one for ‘Yes’ and one for ‘No.’

Once you start getting the hang of dowsing and begin to feel more confident about using the pendulum, you can try dowsing for…

  • The nutritional value of your meals
  • Possible food allergens
  • Which supplements you would benefit from
  • Vibrational remedies, such as crystals or flower essences
  • Which type of exercise you would benefit the most from
  • The functioning of the chakras/how to best channel healing energy
  • Greater accuracy in your Tarot and Oracle card readings
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and/or your Guardian Angels
pendulum dowsing during healing session

Using the Pendulum with Energy Healing

An energy healing session where you use a pendulum would start by you asking if it is timely and appropriate for you to channel healing energy for the person who is seeking healing. Once you have a ‘Yes,’ you may use the pendulum to check the functioning of each of the seven main chakras. This is easiest if the person is lying on a healing couch in front of you so that you can hold the pendulum above each chakra.

A well-functioning chakra typically renders a smooth clockwise rotation of the pendulum. Erratic movement is a sign of an overactive chakra. Sluggish movement/counter-clockwise movement is a sign of an underactive chakra. Check the chakras before you begin channelling energy and again after to make sure that the healing session has been completed.

You can also ask the pendulum if you should place your hands directly on the body. If you get a ‘No,’ you can ask until you get a fix on how far out you need to hold your hands for the energy to flow the best.

Which Type of Crystal Pendulum to Choose

When you start feeling confident with using the pendulum in healing sessions, you may want to switch to a crystal pendulum, as the pendulum can also be used to mop up negative energy from the chakras. For this, I recommend using self-cleansing amethyst. You would then just keep holding the pendulum over the chakra until it moves clockwise in a smooth circle over the chakra, which means it has done the job. Repeat for each of the seven chakras.

You can use the same technique for distant healing and dowse over a chakra chart. This is also the technique you would use to heal your own chakras with an amethyst pendulum.

chakra chart

Using the Pendulum with Tarot or Oracle Cards

Again, you would start by asking, ‘Is it timely and appropriate for me to read on ____________?’

If you are not sure which deck would work best for your question, you can dowse on this too.

Blind dowsing over the cards is a wonderful way to get a clearer reading if you are reading for yourself. You can for instance use the pendulum to dowse for the Significator (the card you use to represent you/the Seeker). Start by dividing the cards into four piles and let the pendulum choose the pile where your significator is. Divide this pile into three piles and then dowse each card individually (still face down) until you get a fix on the significator.

If you are doing a reading about a particular question but are not exactly sure what a card pulled, you can keep asking yes/no questions until the card makes sense to you in light of the question asked. It works best if you ask for yes/no confirmation about the seemingly most obvious interpretation first. That would be the one that pops into your mind first, not necessarily the traditional interpretation.

Once you feel you nailed the answer to your question with the help of the cards and the pendulum, don’t forget to ask ‘Is this true?’

You will find two examples where blind dowsing is combined with the Tarot. HERE is ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ and HERE is Blind Dowsing for Mr Right Now.

Using the Pendulum to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

First say a prayer, invoking the protection of Archangel Michael. State clearly that you only wish to connect with beings of Love and Light through dowsing and only if it is for the Highest Good of All.

Then ask, ‘Is it timely and appropriate for me to use the pendulum to connect with my Spirit Guide (or Guardian Angel)?’

Now you may ask any questions you wish of your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel. Be careful to choose questions that concern your Highest Good or the Highest Good of anyone concerned. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are only interested in promoting soul growth. They are less concerned with our ego/personal agenda.

Don’t be afraid to ask the BIG questions and remember to always close the session by asking ‘Is this true?’

love raven liora

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