Pregnancy Tarot Spread

This pregnancy Tarot spread covers all three trimesters of the pregnancy from the perspective of both mother and baby, as well as considering important changes to the relationship between mother and father during all three trimesters.


pregnancy tarot spread


1. Mother (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby)
2. Baby (health concerns, emotional state, spiritual state, process of bonding with baby)
3. Main themes/changes within the relationship between mother and father


4. Mother
5. Baby
6. Main relationship themes/changes


7. Mother
8. Baby
9. Main relationship themes/changes

Cards 10-11 CONCEPTION

These two cards are read together and will give you clues about the circumstances/timing surrounding conception and implantation. Look here for clues about multiples. I have seen these two cards zoom in on the conception date quite closely but remember that the cards do not always reveal timing. These two cards could be addressing health concerns or relationship issues just as well. Or there could be a theme emerging about why this soul has chosen to incarnate here and now (something you may well wish to do a separate reading on).

Cards 12-13 BIRTH

12. Shows what kind of birth you will have.
13. Sex of the baby. Though please note that not all incoming souls wish to reveal this.

Doing a pregnancy reading for yourself can be a bit tricky. The hormonal changes and the huge attachment to the outcome both play in. Have a friend help with the interpretation!

If, after doing the Pregnancy Tarot Spread, you still feel you aren’t sure what the sex of the baby might be, you can pull another 10 cards. The first Ace that shows up among those 10 cards will tell: Wands and Swords for a boy and Pentacles and Cups for a girl. If there is no Ace in those 10 cards, you are simply not meant to know!

Please keep in mind that a tarot reading is not intended to replace professional medical advice. It is important to attend regular medical check-ups during pregnancy.

For pregnancy and fertility Tarot card meanings click HERE.

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