magickal uses for primrose

The Magick of Primrose

  Primrose and cowslip are often mistaken for one another and there is a reason for this: They are so genetically similar (both from the family Primulaceae) that they interbreed without interference or help from humans, resulting in oxlips. But for today, we will focus only on the magick of the common/English primrose (primula vulgaris), seen in the image above.

7 Benefits and Magickal Uses for Oregano

Did you know that your kitchen is full of magick? (the ‘k’ spelling of magic is to differentiate it from stage tricks) One of the most potent magickal ingredients for creating happiness in your home – oregano – probably already sits snugly in your spice rack and I’m betting it was less than a week since you last used this common kitchen herb in your cooking. Oregano is a herb most people associate with Italian cuisine and pizza toppings. The …