Reader Hopping

What is ‘Reader Hopping?’

Reader Hopping is something that all professional Tarot readers and psychics soon learn about. It is when the client who goes from one reader to the next, hoping to hear news of their wished-for outcome. Sometimes, even after they have been promised their dream will come true, rather than patiently waiting for ‘fate’ to do its thing, they impatiently go to the next psychic to hear it again… and God help the poor psychic who doesn’t deliver! Then again, there are organisations that prey on this kind of client as well. In fact, you could say that the Reader Hopper is the charlatan’s dream client.

Most Commonly Asked Question from Reader Hoppers

Without a doubt, the most commonly asked question is ‘Will he come back to me?’ – This is totally understandable. If you read for yourself, you will know how tempting it is to read on the same question over and over again when your heart is breaking. The pain of separation is enough to drive any normally sane person a bit loopy. Humans in love are heavily affected by love hormones. Our brains don’t function like normal when a passionate love affair crashes and burns. If you are reading this and you feel that I’m judging a behaviour here, please know that I’m not. I’ve been there myself. I’m writing this to help both clients and readers find a more constructive and ethical way of moving forward.

What are the Dangers of ‘Reader Hopping’?

The main danger to the client, of course, is falling prey to charlatans who specialise in telling people what they want to hear for x amount of $$$. This can lead to an addiction to readings as well as a financial drain. Mentally unstable clients can become further destabilised. Stable clients who aren’t confused to start ensure that they will end up confused if the engage in Reader Hopping. To sum it up, disempowerment is the greatest danger of Reader Hopping. Unethical readers are more than happy to confirm that your happiness depends on your ex returning, when really that isn’t true.

But the Other Psychic Said…

Ask any professional Tarot reader or psychic and you will soon learn that right behind, ‘Go on, do me a quick freebie,’ you will find ‘But the other psychic said…’ as their least favourite thing on the planet to hear. The reason is that it’s too late to correct the wrong. If you have gone to a Tarot reader after recently having had another psychic/reader read on the same question, and your ethical Tarot reader knew about it, they would tell you to wait the situation out before coming for another reading on the same question.

How to Prevent Reader Hopping

Preventing ‘Reader Hopping’ is not easy. Many ethical Tarot readers try to preclude it by adding something along the lines of refusing to read on the same question unless two or three months have passed in their terms and conditions. However, as we all know… Who reads the terms and conditions? That’s right. Nobody.

If the client is honest about having had a reading about the situation quite recently and they still want a reading, an ethical Tarot reader will help the client rephrase the question and schedule a reading about them rather than the ex coming back. This could include helping the client look at any underlying issues/patterns that are at play, blocks that need clearing for emotional freedom, or simply how to move on in practical ways…

The main aim of any ethical reader is to empower you no matter what situation you find yourself in.


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