Reading the Tarot Court Cards as Situation, Challenge, Opportunity and Action Advice

court cards collage from the Frideborg Tarot

I received some lovely feedback from a reader named Richard a while back: “I love this site!! Except for the information related to court cards. It is a bit difficult to use the information as it is presented when interpreting card positions for things like Advice, Challenges, Opportunities, current situation”

It is easy to see where Richard is coming from here as I have currently listed detailed information only on the personalities of the Court Cards and how they tend to behave in relationships… but even in relationship readings the courtiers can sometimes have a different message and they do not always have to represent other people; They could just as easily have a message for you about which course of action would currently serve you the best, for instance. It all depends on where in the spread they show up and what interaction they have with surrounding cards.

While it can be tricky to know at first if a court card is a person or means something else, with practice, you will quickly know which is which. One day it will just click because you realise that reading the card as a person together with the other cards in light of the question asked does or does not make sense. If you do suspect the Court card is referring to a person (and especially a love interest), please check the Card Meanings Index for the full meaning.

So let us look at what each of them can potentially mean once you have ruled out the possibility that they signify another person…


Pages are often seen as messages when not seen as young persons or students. There is an element of newness and innocence to their energy that spills over into other possible meanings.

Page of Wands
Situation: Playfulness is at the centre of this situation
Challenge: You may need to think before you act – this Page can be accident prone!
Opportunity: A greater lust for life is about to present itself
Action Advice: Seize the day and do more of what you love

Page of Cups
Situation: Vulnerability is the focal point of the issue at hand
Challenge: There is a need to stay grounded in reality
Opportunity: Your imagination can lead to great innovations
Action Advice: Allow yourself to dream big

Page of Swords
Situation: Curiousity/gossip is at the heart of the matter
Challenge: Watch whom you share any news with as a feather could easily turn into a chicken
Opportunity: Using your analytical ability might make you uncover some valuable information
Action Advice: Ask lots of questions!

Page of Pentacles
Situation: Studies are the issue
Challenge: You may need to stop yourself from becoming too serious
Opportunity: A new course of study could open doors
Action Advice: Definitely a good time to start honing a skill or talent


The Knights are often read as people in their teens or early 20’s. They have a youthful vitality and idealism about them. I associate them with the fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. The main keywords to bear in mind are mission and quest as their is a deep sense of purpose with these courtiers that are of the Air Element.

Knight of Wands (Leo)
Situation: A departure is imminent
Challenge: Don’t be an attention hogger… Oh, and check any safety gear carefully before you jump out of the airplane!
Opportunity: An opportunity for travel or adventure
Action Advice: Start having some more fun. Now may not be a great time to look for ‘The One’ but that shouldn’t stop you from dating.

Knight of Cups (Scorpio)
Situation: Creativity is in focus for this reading
Challenge: Check any addictive tendencies
Opportunity: A good chance of romance and if not, at the very least a smashing poem/lyrics/paiting etc
Action Advice: Allow your emotions creative expression through the fine arts

Knight of Swords (Aquarius)
Situation: Clashing ideals are at the root of the situation at hand
Challenge: Remember that it is more important to be kind than to be right
Opportunity: A new point of view may be gained if you are willing to listen
Action Advice: Stand up for your beliefs

Knight of Pentacles (Taurus)
Situation: This concerns hard work
Challenge: Don’t try to do it all in one go, little by little… patiently… and you will get there.
Opportunity: Your hard work and perseverance will definitely pay off
Action Advice: Time to put your shoulder to the wheel, with no expectation of instant pay-outs


The Queens represent cardinal energy and the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Because they are associated with Water/Yin, some of their main qualities are an ability to receive, empathise and nurture. This does in no way imply that they are passive as the cardinal quality is one that initiates change and progress. The Queens are often seen as mature women and/or mothers but they can be persons of either sex.

Queen of Wands (Aries)
Situation: There is some serious drama going down here, darling!
Challenge: You are totally fabulous but you would create more of a win-win by toning it down a bit.
Opportunity: A chance to strut your stuff
Action Advice: Time to amp up that charisma!

Queen of Cups (Cancer)
Situation: Nurturing wounded emotions is the most important thing you can do now
Challenge: Emotional manipulation should be avoided at all costs
Opportunity: A chance to confide in someone who truly cares and who may even be able to provide psychic guidance
Action Advice: Nurture your own psychic ability

Queen of Swords (Libra)
Situation: Criticism (warranted or unwarranted) makes up this situation
Challenge: Avoid harsh criticism, try the ‘shit sandwich method’ and remember that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down
Opportunity: A chance to nurture with words, a literary project
Action Advice: Focus on creating harmony with your words

Queen of Pentacles (Capricorn)
Situation: Someone is in need of some TLC
Challenge: Boundaries! Not every stray in the area is meant for you!
Opportunity: To care for someone’s material needs
Action Advice: Pay it forward with food, clothes or other practical items


The King are maturity personified and although traditionally seen as male can be of any gender. Adaptability and the ability to ‘seed the next cycle’ is what makes them the pinnacle card of their respective suits. Astrologically, they represent Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The Element is Fire.

King of Wands (Sagittarius)
Situation: Leadership and visionary ability are at the heart of the matter
Challenge: You may be prone to forgetting about crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s
Opportunity: Your vision may create great progress if you know how to get others on board
Action Advice: Speak with the authority that comes from being single-minded about your vision

King of Cups (Pisces)
Situation: Emotional sensitivity is in focus but can have gone overboard with addictive behaviour as the central issue (surrounding cards will tell you which it is)
Challenge: Maintain sound boundaries while not losing any empathy, be temperate, don’t sacrifice yourself
Opportunity: Great relief that comes from being with kindred spirits, finally feeling understood
Action Advice: Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

King of Swords (Gemini)
Situation: Communication and objectivity (or a lack of it) are in focus
Challenge: There is no need to see things as black or white… see the full harmony of colours and detach
Opportunity: Clarity and understanding may be had after careful intellectual and objective analysis of the situation
Action Advice: Consider both sides of the argument before making your mind up. Better yet, see if you can entertain both sides without a need to choose!

King of Pentacles (Virgo)
Situation: Stewardship, whether with regards to health or finances, is what this is all about
Challenge: Try not to be too pernickity… Let’s face it, nobody likes someone who is anally retentive
Opportunity: To provide for yourself and your family like the good steward you are
Action Advice: Organise everything in great detail

I hope you all find this summary of court card meanings helpful!

Brightest Blessings,

~ Lisa Frideborg