Libra Equniox 2017

Libra Equinox Tarot Spread

Libra Equniox 2017

Happy Equinox! Mabon blessings to all my kith & kin in the Northern Hemisphere and Ostara blessings to you who live on the other side of the Equator. Today, night and day are equal and here in the North we begin moving into the dark half of the year – a time for taking stock, bringing the harvest in, showing gratitude and sharing our abundance.

In the past, I have created Tarot spreads that are specific to Mabon. You can find them HERE and HERE. For the Equinox which heralds the start of the month of Libra today, I thought it would be nice to use a simple yet versatile spread that focuses more on the Libra energy (which is the same in both hemispheres) and allows you to bring your being into harmony, whether you are celebrating Mabon or Ostara today.

The Libra Equinox Tarot Spread

Libra Equinox Tarot Spread

  1. Balance this – Shows you a main aspect of your life right now that needs to be brought into balance for you to be in harmony, vertically (with the Divine/Self) or horizontally (other people, circumstances). A Major Arcana card shows that vertical alignment is needed and a Minor Arcana card points to a need for horizontal balancing of the scales.
  2. Second harvest/first seeds – A seasonal message for the Northern (second harvest) and Southern (first seeds) hemispheres. Second harvest shows you what in your life is now coming into fruition. This is your chance to take stock of where you are now with regards to your goals for 2017. First seeds is about an action you need to take now in order to capitalise of the energy of spring so that you can move forward in the direction of your dreams.
  3. Foundation – This card shows you a personal strength or structure you can rely on and return to when you face challenges on your path.
  4. What to release – This no longer serves you and it’s OK to say ‘no’ to this aspect/person when they show up in your life.
  5. What to embrace – Seek out more of this in the future to stay on track for the rest of the year.

I felt draw to pull a card from the Mythic Oracle for a message from Spirit for us all this Equinox and the card we got is Uranus from the absolutely gorgeous Mythic Oracle.

uranus mythic oracle

The message for us is about not being afraid to stand in our own power, as well as to sometimes give ourselves a dose of ‘tough love’ when it comes to areas in our lives that need more structure and discipline. The number 1 speaks of New Beginnings as well and the planetary correspondence gives us an element of ‘expect the unexpected.’ I feel this relates especially to the spiritual journey we are on. Major breakthroughs are likely to take place between the Equinox and Yule/Litha. The thing to watch out for with the energy of ‘Father’ is to not become too rigid or authoritarian. In some of us, this is exactly what need to be brought into balance now. Remember that all archetypes have both a light and a dark side.



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