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The Top 10 Questions People Ask Tarot Readers

top 10 questions for tarot readers

When people contact a Tarot reader they do so because something went wrong, they have a problem or they can’t stop worrying about something so they want assurance that things will turn out OK. They often ask one of the top 10 questions listed below.

Rarely do they come to a Tarot reader to be proactive, take charge of their lives or lay out an action plan for future success. It is a shame really, because just like holistic medicine works best at preventing serious disease, so does the Tarot for preventing us from future Tower (accidents/disasters) and Devil (giving in to serious temptation) moments.

In my experience…

Having worked as a professional Tarot reader since 2011 and having done thousands of readings since my first reading back in 1985, I can easily rattle off the most commonly asked questions off the top of my head. I’m sure none of the top 10 questions will be a surprise to you if you read for others.

However, under each of the most commonly asked questions, I will also list an alternative question that will help you be more proactive in co-creating your destiny and set you free. The first category of questions keeps you bound to the wheel, going around and around, coming back to your Tarot reader with another similar question. The second category of questions empowers and liberates you – hopefully to the point of needing only the occasional reading.

As you can see, I honestly don’t care if I make myself scarce. I’d rather you not need me, other than for mapping out your success!

So here we are (in no particular order) – The top 10 questions people tend to ask.

Will he come back? (or ‘Will she come back?’) 

Usually, the relationship didn’t last because of a basic lack of incompatibility, so the most likely answer at this stage is ‘No’ but sure… you can totally read on this and sometimes they do come back, though experience tells us that reboiling the kettle is rarely a good idea.

A better question is to pre-empt this question while you are still in the relationship by asking ‘What can I do to make this work?’

What will my love life bring me? 

It depends, of course. Are you spending your nights glued to Facebook or do you actually go outside and meet people? Are you actively dating and have you joined a dating site or are you above that and insistent on Mr Right coming right up to your front door one balmy summer’s eve, brought there by the winds of fate?

A better question would be ‘How can I manifest a reciprocal love relationship for the Highest Good?’

Is he (or she) the One?

Chances are they probably are but not in the sense you’re wishing for them to be. They are most likely the One to teach you the lesson you need most badly in order to progress and understand the meaning of true love. Another version of this question is ‘Will he/she commit? If they have told you they don’t want a committed relationship, please – for the love of God – believe them! The only person you can control or change is you.

A better question would be ‘What can I learn about myself and my ability to love faithfully through this relationship?’ 

Will I meet someone soon?

Yes, you probably will but will you keep attracting the same old category of takers? Are you yourself emotionally available and ready for a committed relationship?

A better question would be ‘What can I do to ensure I meet the RIGHT one for a mutually beneficial committed relationship?

When will I get married?

How long is a piece of string? Again, it depends on what you do to meet someone worthy of marrying. Also, are you asking this fresh out of a breakup without having given yourself time to grieve? If that’s the case, you’re better off reading on heart healing. Timing is tricky at the best of times when it comes to the Tarot. If you are asking out of a strong attachment to the outcome, it is even trickier.

Many see marriage as the answer to all their problems. Perhaps they imagine that sorrow will vanish and lasting happiness begins on the day of the exchange of vows. Of course, deep down we know this ain’t so but many of us still cling to the dream of ‘happily ever after.’ It is a dream that Hollywood loves to perpetuate after all.

A better question for ‘Will I meet someone soon?’ would be ‘What can I do to ensure I meet the RIGHT one for a mutually beneficial committed relationship?

Will I ever be happy?

Happiness is a choice. Most people don’t understand the true nature of happiness so the whole premise of the question is wrong to start with. We often confuse happiness with pleasure. True happiness (the kind that lasts) is a sort of contentment that comes from always doing one’s best, staying away from drama, acting with integrity and being of service to mankind. When we disassociate happiness from meaning, significance and transcendence, it cannot last.

A better question would be ‘What can I do to be truly happy?’

Will my health improve?

Reading about health is possible but only in a complementary sense and never to diagnose or prognosticate. To promise someone better health provided they follow the advice given by the cards would be to prognosticate – a big ‘no no’ for any ethical professional Tarot reader.

A better question would be ‘What might the underlying emotional cause of my dis-ease be and what can I do about it to improve my sense of well-being?’

What is my life purpose?

The thing about your life purpose is that it really does have to come from within. A great artist doesn’t become great because someone else spotted talent in them and told them to go for it. They become great because of an inner drive to express themselves. Life purpose is more connected with self-expression than with making a living.

Not everyone who has a creative or spiritual calling will follow that calling in terms of building a career. Trying to hand someone their life purpose in a psychic message is like picking an unripe fruit. The soul has to shine its light on the purpose of the individual until it opens up in their awareness before you can begin to read on it.

A better way to approach this question is to talk to your reader about your dreams and aspirations and then use the cards to look at the best way for you to fully align with your Life Purpose for the Highest Good.

Will my finances improve soon?

Probably not if you find yourself in debt and you’re going to a Tarot reader for advice rather than a financial advisor. Tarot readers aren’t qualified to hand out financial advice and they won’t try to override common sense when it comes to taking responsibility for your financial situation by actively clearing debts, finding another part-time job to cope with your mortgage repayments, or saving up for a much-needed holiday.

A better way to approach this is to look at blocks to abundance and how to clear them. Often, how we deal (or fail to deal) with finances relates to first chakra issues. A holistic Tarot reader can certainly help with the underlying emotional causes of poverty consciousness or failure to be organised with money.

When will my luck change?

This question is asked when people feel completely disempowered and unable to make positive changes in their lives. Out of all the questions we get, this one is the one that makes me feel the most acutely protective of the client because chances are they got into this funk because of charlatan ‘psychics’ in the first instance.

Charlatans prey on people who are already vulnerable because of a poor start in life. They may have gone to readers with any (or all) of the nine questions above. Many readers are quick to promise the SEeker the world. Then when ‘fate’ fails to deliver, they go and see another ‘psychic’ who tells them they are cursed and promises to ‘lift’ the curse for a small sum of XXXX dollars. I have been asked ‘Am I cursed?’ and when I ask why they think they may be cursed they reply ‘Because another reader/psychic’ told me so. This is so sad and so frustrating.

Thoughts Become Things

For better focus, in a Tarot Soul Coaching Session, I direct the Seeker to what they most urgently desire to change and help them formulate a proactive question. This then provides a clear focus that helps them begin to move forward in the direction of their desires. What you think today is what you live tomorrow. Thoughts really do become things. This is why the question we ask of the Tarot is so very important and why the top 10 questions people tend to ask often need some tweaking.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
C.G. Jung


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