The Agnostic Reflex

A Reading on the Agnostic Reflex

Wednesday (Archangel Raphael)

Numerology of the date 3/2/2016 = 5

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius

Today I’m working with the Frideborg Tarot and the Sacred Rebels Oracle.

Dear Empaths and HSPs,

You, being more sensitive than the average person, will have had many experiences of other realms and what muggles would label ‘miracles.’

So my question for us to ponder today is ‘How come we shut back down so quickly?’ There is this little thing called the ‘agnostic reflex’ that I believe is responsible for this… and perhaps it’s a good thing. To a certain extent, we need to adapt to the world of muggles around us. If we walked around with the veil pulled apart all the time, we may go insane quite quickly.

“But what we must begin to destroy, to the extent that we are able to do so, even at the cost of a struggle resumed every day, is what may be called the ‘agnostic reflex’ in Western man, because he has consented to the divorce between thought and being.”
Henry Corbin

I don’t know about you, but I often long to walk the line a bit more assuredly and to not feel as if there are times in life when the Divine is in direct communication and other times when it seems so far away. Smoother integration and the ability to transmit at will would be great. I believe humanity is evolving in this direction but I wanted to know what we can do here and now to speed things up.

In answer to my question, I got ‘Collaborative Dreaming’ from the Sacred Rebels Oracle. In the ‘Don’t’ position we have The Sun (same as yesterday!) and in the ‘Do’ position we find the 2 of Swords.

People Need People

Basically, the message is that we need each other. Perhaps you, like me, expected the answer to be ‘Meditate more.’

Well, it isn’t. If we truly wish to keep the agnostic reflex in check, we need to stop being the lone wolf and gather with our kin on a regular basis. The Sun as ‘don’t’ is always about ego and the mask/persona we wear in public. This is the second day in a row I receive this same nudge from Spirit.

Unless we move forward with integrity and our minds firmly aligned with our hearts (2 of Swords), we will continue to experience the kind of ‘schizophrenia’ that makes us doubt even the miracles we have seen with our own eyes.

I leave you with my 2 of Swords (Moon in Libra) Haiku to ponder…

A messy box of keys
The right one is hidden there
Heart’s eyes will find it

Go forth and shine!



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  1. “Well, it isn’t. If we truly wish to keep the agnostic reflex in check, we need to stop being the lone wolf and gather with our kin on a regular basis.”

    I can relate to this.

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  2. Lisa: I had not heard of the Agnostic Reflex before. Certainly rings true for me. What a brilliant insight you present here.

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      Thanks, Laura. I wish I could remember where I first heard of the ‘agnostic reflex’! It was nice to finally find a term for the madness of descending back into muggledom after experiencing the most brilliant divine happenings.

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  3. Thanks Lisa. I gave myself a reading yesterday too that gave me this same type of message. Check out of my ego and into love. <3
    And also I have been getting the message I have the keys…it is me to be the one to open the door (if I really want changes).
    Do you have a book or have you thought about writing a book with all of your different spreads? I would love to buy it.

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