The Anaretic Full Moon Tarot Spread

20 June Summer Solstice Anaretic Full Moon with Ongoing Mutable Cross

The next Full Moon takes place on the day of the solstice (summer in the Northern hemisphere, winter in the Southern hemisphere). In the UK, the exact time of the solstice is 11.34 PM and the exact time of the Full Moon is 12.02 PM. The Moon is full in 29 degrees Sagittarius. The 29th degree is known to carry the fulness of the lessons of the sign it is in and even has karmic overtones.

The astrological term for this degree is ‘anaretic’ which means destructive. This is because we have to get a pass for the final test for the sign in question if we wish to progress on our path. However, the ego tendency, can be to give the Universe two fingers up and run the other way instead, especially we have not sought clarity through prayer and meditation along the way.

Add to this already very potent energy affecting the visionary sign of Sagittarius that we are all still touched by the ongoing mutable grand cross and you should not be surprised if you feel that there is lot happening right now, yet you seem to be unable to move forward. The natural motion of mutable signs is darting and flitting, moving quickly but not necessarily affecting great change… or at least not visible change until we can harness the mutability and make it work for us.

At this point we are asked to revisit the past again, to see what else we need to release in order to move forward. This is also part and parcel of Mars still being retrograde, so be patient as much of 2016 is actually about releasing and clearing away to make room for the new rather than charging ahead.

Don’t allow yourself to be pulled off in strange new directions by your sense of urgency. The urgency itself is just a wake-up call to let you know that some of the things you are doing (or some of the people you are surrounding yourself with) just aren’t right for you. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out the baby with the bath water. Especially do not take action on days leading up to this lunation when you may feel like quitting everything because ‘What’s the point?’ – There is a point… You just can’t see it yet, my dear.

Sun in Gemini opposing this Full Moon also tells us that we need to wait for more information to surface before we can move forward, full steam ahead… So… what (if anything) do we have working for us?

All this mutable energy makes for fertile soil for future projects. Think of this phase as plowing, digging and fertilising… AND, because it is also the solstice, the veil between worlds is thinner than usual on the day, so please do ask your guardian angels and spirit guides for help – especially with regards to any missing pieces of information you may still be waiting for. Do ask for divine intervention if you feel self-destructive tendencies rear their ugly heads. Those kinds of prayers are always answered. In fact I’m saying a prayer for anyone reading this right now…

Holy Mother-Father God, at times we feel like we exist inside a pressure boiler and the top is about to blow. Please help us all find healthy outlets for all the steam that is building now and wait to move forward until the mist clears. Help us to clearly see the consequences of our actions and guide us toward ever greater clarity about our purpose. Amen and So It Is!

If there ever was a GREAT time to have a Tarot reading for greater clarity, the time is now. That is why I was instructed to create a bespoke Tarot spread for this lunation…

The Anaretic Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Anaretic Full Moon Tarot Spread
  1. Which aspect of your life is being challenged by this anaretic lunation?
  2. What are you called to move away from to become more fully aligned with your Life Purpose?
  3. What are you called to move toward to become more fully aligned with your Vision?
  4. -6. Guidance from your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels on how to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of all that is happening around you at this point in time. Card number four is action advice and 5-6 show you things that may be currently be hidden from view with regards to the aspect most affected/challenged by this lunation.

Make this your mantra over the next few days: All change is good, even when it is mostly happening beneath the surface.

The Archangels to invoke for this lunation are Gabriel (ruler of Moon and Monday) and Sachiel (ruler of Sagittarius). The corresponding Tarot cards are…

Archangel Gabriel: The High Priestess
Archangel Sachiel: The Wheel of Fortune
Sagittarius: Temperance

Work with the High Priestess to connect with what is hidden and needs to be perceived psychically. Use the Wheel of Fortune to put the wheels in motion to take you in the right direction and Temperance for clarity of vision.

You can charge any or all of these cards and place them on your altar for the Full Moon. Create an angelic invocation with your own words as using your own words of power is always more powerful than relying on ready-made formulas.

Angel Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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