a tarot spread for interviewing a new deck

The Angelorum Deck Interview Tarot Spread

a tarot spread for interviewing a new deck

Hey, did you know that you can interview your new Tarot deck? This is a fun way of getting to know your new deck and to begin bonding with it. When you interview your new deck you set the intent to invoke its spirit or ‘deck genius’ which was sparked during the creative process. If you have worked with a few different decks, you will probably know instinctively what I mean by this. Another way of saying it is that each deck has its own unique voice and way of getting messages across.

Some decks are subtle and ask you to really flow with your own intuition. Other decks can be really in your face and yet others have a humorous streak. Interviewing your deck is a quick way to get a fix on what sort of oracle you are dealing with.

I have created a couple of spreads for this purpose in the past but I felt like trying a new approach so I came up with the Tarot spread you see above. Of course, this spread can also be used to interview other types of deck too!

To take this spread for a spin, I decided to try it with my Tarot: The Complete Kit by Running Press, aka ‘Tarot Nova’ and also the reprinted 1972 ‘Jesus Deck‘ that arrived just the other day.

Deck Interview with Tarot Nova

deck interview tarot the complete kit by running press

  1. Why I need you in my life. You bring out my inner child. You help me take myself and what is happening less seriously. You help me laugh at myself. You help me keep things simple and bring clarity without going too deep. (The Sun)
  2. How to work together. We work best together when there is frank and direct communication. It’s best if I don’t mind you being a bit blunt at times. Because you’re not so bound by traditional form, we are better able to work together on creative projects. We make good companions for readings about career development and networking as well. (3 of Wands)
  3. How you challenge me. You challenge by breaking down any preconceived ideas I may have about the Tarot because of your non-traditional approach, with even the shape of the cards differing from the norm. You force me outside my comfort zone and challenge me to approach readings with a beginner’s mind. (The Tower)
  4. Your greatest strength. You have a great ability to adapt to the matter at hand and quickly call forth a practical solution. (2 of Pentacles)
  5. Your greatest weakness. Because there is more black than actual symbolic imagery in the cards, I may get bored with you if I work with you for too long. (4 of Cups)

Deck Interview with the Jesus Deck

deck interview with the jesus cards

  1. Why I need you in my life. “Man risks great peril when he ignores the foundations of his past.” from the companion booklet sums it up pretty nicely. I need you in my life because you help me connect the dots and not throw the baby out with the bath water in terms of my Christian background and heritage. My identity in this incarnation is tied in with my Christocentric spiritual path and this is an invaluable tool to help me chart my growth, as well as to inspire me to stay connected to my roots. (6 of Luke, ‘Bethlehem’)
  2. How to work together. We work best together when we shine the light of Spirit into the world, for hope and guidance. You help me see that my own talents are the little light, pointing to the Light. (8 of Matthew, ‘The Mount’)
  3. How you challenge me. You challenge me to re-evaluate how I use my oracular gift and push me to use it only for the Highest Good, which is what is best for the eternal destiny of the soul of each individual Seeker who comes to me for guidance. (8 of John, ‘The Appearance’)
  4. Your greatest strength. You protect me from my ego and the forces of darkness the way the shepherd protects his sheep. (5 of Luke ‘Shepherds’)
  5. Your greatest weakness. You will not let me forget why I am here. “Feed my sheep.” Every time I feel anxious, you remind me that focusing on service will help me get over myself. You don’t provide respite in the form of spiritual bypass. GREAT! So really this deck has no weakness, other than my ego won’t always get its back stroked when it wants it 😛 (5 of Matthew, ‘Crowds’)


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