The Archangel Gabriel Tarot Spread

White Lily Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel rules the Moon and Mondays. His celestial title is ‘Power of God’ and the name means ‘white’ in Hebrew. He is the Angel of Magick, because the Moon rules Magick. To some, Archangel Gabriel appears as Gabrielle. In today’s post, I’m sharing the Archangel Gabriel Tarot Spread to help you get to know this angel better.

In the Christian tradition, it is Archangel Gabriel who announces to the Virgin Mary that she will conceive the Son of God, and he appears again as the Angel of the Last Judgement. Hence, Gabriel is the Angel blowing the trumpet in the Tarot Judgement card. As the Angel of the Annunciation, he is often depicted with a white lily in classical art.

Archangel Gabriel is also known as the Angel of Prophecy and in the Islamic tradition, he is the Archangel who enabled the illiterate Mohammed to write the Qur’an.

We invoke Archangel Gabriel when we wish to perform Angelic Magick (which always serves the Highest Good), for help with developing our psychic ability or for healing of feminine health issues, including, but not limited to, fertility. He is also the angel, together with Archangel Raphael, to call on for emotional healing, so that we may become more joyful if we suffer from mood swings or depression.

In the chakra system, Archangel Gabriel is the corresponding angel for the second chakra (Svadhisthana). The main corresponding colour is white, with silver and copper/orange as secondary colours. The corresponding crystals are selenite, pearls, carnelian and moonstone. The metal correspondence is silver.


The corresponding Tarot card is The High Priestess. The Elemental correspondence is Water and in some traditions the direction West (which is what I choose to work with) while in others it is South.

I created the Archangel Gabriel Tarot Spread to help learn some of the major correspondences as well as connect with this most wonderful of Angels. Make sure that you spend some time in meditation before asking your question so that it is aligned with Higher Will. We should always do this but it is especially important with Archangels like Gabriel who concerns himself with the purity of heart of which the white lily is a symbol.

The Archangel Gabriel Tarot Spread

Archangel Gabriel Tarot Spread
  1. The Trumpet – What message does Archangel Gabriel have for me now
  2. The Moon – What emotional/astral forces are at work for this issue
  3. The Lily – Where there is a need to purify intent/action
  4. Silver – The silver lining/something good that will come out of this
  5. Water – What emotional attitude would best benefit me right now

Sample Reading with the Thelema Tarot

Archangel Gabriel Sample Reading with the Thelema Tarot

The Trumpet

Archangel Gabriel’s message concerns the 9 of Cups and your happiness levels, apt for an Angel of Joy 🙂 The 9 of Cups is Jupiter (Archangel Sachiel) in Pisces (Neptune/Archangel Asariel). It is time to allow your feelings to flow more freely and not be afraid of expressing them. The pursuit of happiness is for the Highest Good of All.

The Moon

The forces at work here are represented by The Chariot (Cancer/The Moon/Archangel Gabriel). This tells us that the main thing that can and will influence your happiness levels is to work with Archangel Gabriel on strengthening your will magickally. The Chariot is a card of willpower. This card corresponds mainly with the Solar Plexus chakra.

However, even though Archangel Gabriel corresponds with Water and the Sacral Chakra, it is not as clear-cut as that. As you recall from the introduction above, Archangel Gabriel is also the Angel of the Last Judgement in this capacity, he corresponds with Fire. Looking at these first two cards, you see that you need to be in charge of your own happiness levels. But also to trust more in the Angelic Realm to support you and help you move forward through making choices that align you with Higher Will.

The Lily

The 2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer, Archangel Anael and Gabriel). Intimate relationships is the area in need of purification. Have you been relying on someone else to be your source of happiness?


The Wheel of Fortune (Archangel Sachiel) shows that a bit of ‘good luck’ is coming your way as you start working on your happiness levels. This is because of the Law of Attraction and like attracts like. It is time to expand your horizons and realise that life happens outside your comfort zone… Enjoy!


Grounding your energy and being open to learning new things is the emotional attitude that benefits you most right now with the Page of Pentacles. As you begin to change your attitude and open up to new opportunities, you may need to start developing some new skills.

I hope you enjoy working with Archangel Gabriel through the Tarot.

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  1. I have an interesting story to share with you – last night I had a dream that I was doing a tarot reading for my ex, and in the dream I pulled the 9 of cups and I started talking a lot about Archangel Gabriel. I wanted to look up if Gabriel was connected to the 9 of cups and found your site with this amazing spread. The dream led me to this because I am doing my first psychic fair this weekend and was looking for something like this to add. Thank you for sharing this!


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  2. Beautiful spread, make me pause :). I see Chariot as a person driven by willpower and aligned with higher self as well, thus he doesn’t need/have reins for horses (divine). Thank you.

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