The Blackstar Tarot Spread

Blackstar Tarot Spread

Blackstar Tarot Spread Positional Meanings

  1. The solitary candle – that which makes your eyes shine brightly.
  2. The kneeling and smiling women – what you devote yourself to.
  3. The spirit that rose – your aspirations.
  4. The blackstar – the pragmatist that steps in when you are willing to do the work.
  5. The people who lie instead of talking tall – enemy interference.
  6. Ah-ah, ah-ah – how devotion will conquer the lies.

I created this spread in honour of David Bowie who was a true artistic genius. Unlike the many people these days who enjoy being famous for being famous and who whore their private lives to the media, David Bowie was only interested in the impact his creativity had on people. Invoke the spirit of that genius before you do this spread if you like, and light a solitary candle…

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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