family tree tarot spread

The Family Tree Tarot Spread

family tree tarot spread

People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.
― Edmund Burke

The other day, I read in a book called ‘Witch’ by Ly de Angeles about how royal families always keep a genealogy, whereas ‘commoners’ are discouraged from doing so – in the sense that it’s just not the done thing, even long after most of us have learned to read and write. It struck me then how much not knowing where we come from deprives us of our ancestral power. Maybe it is knowing who our ancestors are that makes us royal…?

Just as instantly as I had that thought, I had another: ‘You can still tap that ancestral power with the Tarot. Create a Family Tree Tarot spread!’

So this is what I’ve done here today. This spread goes deep, so with it comes an invitation to centre yourself and call on the assistance of your forebears. I recommend putting together an altar with pictures or items belonging to loved ones who have crossed over, as well as lighting a candle. Call the ones you know by name before you begin and thank them for their assistance. Visualise your family tree branching out several generations, growing bigger and wider as you breathe all that you are back into your body…

The Family Tree Tarot Spread

The Family Tree Tarot Spread

1. Female bloodline blessing
2. Female bloodline challenge
3. Male bloodline blessing
4. Male bloodline challenge
5. The talent on your mother’s side of the family you should develop in this lifetime
6. How to maximise both talents (read with cards 8 + 9)
7. The talent on your father’s side of the family you should develop in this lifetime
8. Advice from your ancestors for the immediate future
9. Further advice from your ancestors
10. How well you are aligned with your ancestral power

Journal your reading carefully, straighten your royal crown and give thanks to all who assisted before you blow out the candle.

Let me know in the comments if you need help with any of the card interpretations if you decide to give this spread a whirl. As always, please include your own interpretations (with the positional meanings) as far as you got and ask specific questions about any cards you may be stuck on.

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