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My sister emailed me a link for an article about substituting dopamine addiction for a more rewarding addiction to oxytocin. Essentially, the former causes promiscuity and a need for cheep thrills while the latter helps us bond in healthy and nurturing ways.

Dopamine is released during sex and peaks when we orgasm. It’s a quick-acting hormone which, when it drops off, leaves us feeling slightly low or hung over. The classic male reaction to this hormone dropping off is to fall asleep after sex. It takes longer for dopamine levels to fall in women, which is why women often feel a need to cuddle or stay connected after making love.

Oxytocin is released when we care for and touch other people. It’s a hormone related to nurturing and one example is that it is released when we give/receive a massage. There is also a high-level release of oxytocin in nursing mothers to help them bond with their babies. The article by Indra (who sadly passed away in June, 2016) reminded me of these things which I learned while studying physiology at Uni and is well worth a read.

Indra goes on to talk about how we can create and maintain an oxytocin-based love relationship by connecting fully through all chakras and hormonal glands. This is important since all hormones are part of the same system and connected. The better we connect on all levels, the greater the chance that we stay happy together when coupled in love.

The Hormonal Connection

You could say that a sex-based dopamine type of relationship (or fling) is red (root chakra), while a relationship based on a connection at the level of five or more chakras (endocrine gland centres) is the colour of the rainbow and allows for a steady flow of oxytocin to produce a deep sense of contentment or even bliss.

If this is not your first visit to Angelorum, and especially if you have been using my Tarot spreads, you’ll probably guess what’s next… Yes, I turned this information into a Tarot spread to help you diagnose your relationship and see if there is potential for a full spectrum relationship with your partner. Ideally you should read on this together with your partner, in order to resolve any potential conflicts of interest.

The Full Spectrum Bliss Tarot Spread

  • 1a) The Root Chakra/rectum. How you connect sexually. 1b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 2a) The Sacral Chakra/womb/prostate. How good you are as a couple at relating to the world around you (friends, family etc). 2b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 3a) The Solar Plexus. How you help each other be more powerful and creative in the world. How being together enhances your mission in practical ways. 3b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 4a) The Heart Chakra/thymus gland. Feelings of love and a healthy interdependence. 4b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 5a) The Throat Chakra/thyroid. The ability to share your innermost feelings, goals and desires through dialogue and communication. 5b) Potential at this level of connection. 
  • 6a) The medulla oblongata/CNS. Similar levels of physical activity help you stay connected. Being physically active together helps you grow stronger as a couple and it also increases your libido. You may find that you struggle most if there is a big discrepancy and one of you is super active while the other is more of a couch potato. 6b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 7a) The Third Eye/pineal gland. How you connect mentally and intuitively. 7b) Potential at this level of connection.
  • 8a) The Crown Chakra. How you connect via a shared higher purpose. 8b) Potential at this level of connection.

I hope you enjoy trying this spread for your own love relationship. As usual, I’m happy to help if you get stuck on a particular card. Please include your own interpretation, along with the positional meanings in the comments below with your question(s).

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  1. Lisa you’ve nailed it again! So useful, so forward thinking. You could write a book with all your tarot spreads in, I’d buy it! I especially enjoy the seasonally connected/personal growth & journeying ones through the year. Such a special talent & gift you have! Thank you for sharing

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