The Genesis Tarot Spread

The Genesis Tarot Spread

Preacher - Genesis Tarot Spread

Preacher is by far the best thing I’ve watched on Prime this year. The first few minutes of episode one had me spellbound and I found myself on the edge of my seat every episode after that while recently catching up and binge-watching all three Seasons. Preacher ticks all the boxes for me: there is romance but not the sappy kind, it is action-packed but not lacking a sense of humour and there is a fair sprinkling of horror and suspense along the road as well…

Basically, though the series is named ‘Preacher,’ the real hero is an invisible entity called ‘Genesis’ – the Forbidden and secret love child between an angel and a demon. It escapes from its angelic guardians and seeks a host on Earth… but because it is half good and half evil it needs a host that is a good match, i.e. West Texas preacher Jesse Custer. This bestows a superpower on Jesse: the ability to make anybody do anything he says.

I don’t want to go into what happens in the series and you will find no spoilers here but I wanted to provide the core concept since it has inspired the Tarot spread you will find below. I thought it would make for a nice spread for the first day of October since many of us like to do shadow work around this sort of time of the year (Northern Hemisphere).

The Thing About Shadow Work

Here’s the thing about shadow work, you have to acknowledge and accept that you are a mix of good and evil, just like Genesis. Surprisingly, once you begin the work, once you begin this kind of work, you often realise that you labelled ‘good’ and ‘evil’ all wrong.

It is only when we accept that we are a mix of light and dark that we become capable of stepping into our power. Our words do not carry gravitas until we embrace our shadow side… but when we do, when we no longer shy away from the darkness within, we can use our words with authenticity and that is what will infuse our words with sincerity and true power.

I’m going to try to avoid getting too philosophical here and let the Tarot do the talking instead…

The Genesis Tarot Spread

The Genesis Tarot Spread
  1. Your angelic self
  2. Your demonic self
  3. How to harmonise the two
  4. The face you show to the world
  5. God is missing (how you project powers on others/Golden Shadow)
  6. How you used your personal power in the past
  7. How the use of your personal power will evolve

Are you a fan of Preacher? Let me know who your favourite character is in the comments!

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  1. Lisa – this is so synchronistic! I was just talking with a close friend yesterday about the facets of shadow work (it’s something we’re both very into). Human behavior (mostly, our own) makes us insatiably curious.
    I love how you said, “you have to acknowledge and accept that you are a mix between good and evil”. YES. And – you’re so spot on – that leads us to beg the question, “What IS good and evil?” We do find that our definitions might not have been on the mark like we previously thought.
    Now because of your Genesis Spread – I MUST CHECK OUT Preacher. This show sounds fascinating, and right up my alley!

    Happy October – and thank you for everything you do!

    Namaste! – Adam xoxo

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