mabon blessings tarot spread - second harvest

The Mabon Blessing Tarot Spread

mabon blessings tarot spread - second harvest

Mabon (Autumn Equinox) is the Second Harvest and follows Lammas (First Harvest). It takes place between 21-23 September in the Northern Hemisphere and 20-22 March in the Southern Hemisphere. Mabon is named after a Celtic deity who was the son of the Earth goddess Modron

Mabon is a time of gratitude and taking stock of what we have achieved so far in the year and also a time to contemplate where we are at on our Life Journey. It is the gateway between the light and the dark half of the year, where nights and days are equally long. The nights will gradually become longer and move us closer to Third Harvest, aka Samhain, which is the Pagan New Year and the time in the Wheel of the Year that the veil between worlds is said to be at its thinnest.

Mabon is time for bringing anything that is out of whack back into balance as well as sharing our good fortune with those less fortunate. It is a time to slow down and make sure that our physical body is in good working order so that we can stay strong through the dark half of the year.

For Mabon this year, I just wanted a really simple spread, so I created the one below. If you wish for a more in-depth spread, you are welcome to try the Angelic Mabon Tarot spread I created a while back.

The Mabon Blessing Tarot Spread

the mabon blessing tarot spread
  1. What you can be grateful for so far this year (this year’s harvest to be celebrated)
  2. Your greatest achievement (your contribution to the harvest)
  3. Your greatest challenge/lesson
  4. What needs to be brought into alignment
  5. What you can give/pass on from your second harvest

Mabon Blessing Sample Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

Mabon Blessing Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

1. What I can be grateful for so far this year

3 of Wands. So far this year, I have made a lot of progress thanks to my focus word for the year which is integrity. The title for the 3 of Wands in some decks is ‘Virtue.’ It corresponds with the Sun in Aries and from a self-development point of view, it is a very positive card. I’m able to better show the world who I am. My actions line up with my intent and desire to be of service more often than not.

2. My greatest achievement

6 of Wands. I have stopped sabotaging myself with low self-esteem. I’m extremely aware of my self-talk and the need to keep it positive/encouraging. This in turn has led to some public recognition as well as a greater willingness to take risks. The 6 of Wands corresponds with Jupiter in Leo and is a card of victory. I decided to win over fear.

3. My greatest challenge/lesson

9 of Swords. This comes as no surprise and I feel the fear challenges have increased gradually over the year as I have gradually become more capable of dealing with them. The 9 of Swords is a card of fear and anxiety (Mars in Gemini).

4. What needs to be brought into alignment

The Black Cat (the extra Major in the Frideborg Tarot). This is my feline nature and has already been hinted at in the 6 of Wands. Let’s make sure she doesn’t get too cocky, eh? I also believe this card means that the more confident version of me still needs to be integrated. There are still weak areas which create incongruent behaviour.

5. What I can give/pass on from my harvest

2 of Pentacles. I can teach others how to create a more well-balanced life for greater well-being.

I wish you a joyful Second Harvest! There has never been a better time to celebrate the gift of life. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this spread if you decide to give it a whirl and don’t forget to provide your own interpretation with the question.

“Celebrate Mabon, the Second Harvest, with a simple tarot spread. Reflect on gratitude, achievements, lessons, alignment, and sharing your harvest.”

love raven liora

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  1. A novice but I’ll try my best.
    1. Two of cups. Love is in the air and definitely coming in my direction. There is a man that i greatly desire and I feel this is him. I’m not tge most patient person in the world, i want it all right now. Working on patience.
    2.Page of cups. For me this is new beginnings and exploring a creative side that i just discovered. With everyone knowing what their talents are and finding their niche i was in the dark still. I said a prayer out into the universe to help me find what feeds my soul and completed 9 books in 2 months. So this lines up with my desires to become a screenwriter and author. The fish is spiritual so daily for the past few months I have seen 11 in everything. On both computer abd clock.
    3. Ten of coins. I’m pretty blessed but not in the way that i desire. I have a tendency to want more. Human nature.

    4. The Moon. I’m pretty intuitive, have prophetic dreams and often shown whatever I want revealed to me. I’m a Capricorn sun with Aries throughout my chart. I read that the fure signs often make the best magicians and root workers. I often depend on others to get answers for me instead of trusting my own talents and getting it done myself.
    5. Seven of Swords. This is a difficult one. I guess it could mean not to take myself so serious and have more fun.

    1. Post

      Moon in Aquarius is the correspondence for 7 of Swords – invest emotionally more in what feeds others… If it is all about you what feeds you/your soul, there will be a short-circuit… Plan to give and be honest with what you share. You’re already aware of the tendency to want more. Learn that true happiness is found in giving.

  2. Thank you again Lisa for sharing your spread. Although it’s not do easy for a beginner like me,I’ll give it a try

    1) The World : the song ‘ I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ pops into my head. With my own interpretation :’And I love all the obstacles in my way’ . That’s a lesson I learned this year and I ‘m grateful for it.

    2. Ace of cups: love life more, being able to love more and feel less dependent of receiving love

    3. 3 of swords: although I felt great with the ace of cups on 2 I’m not there yet.

    4. King of cups: work on my emotional maturity,to be able to help other people. Refers to the 3 previous cards

    5. Temperance: give the previous cards this one leaves me a bit in the dark


    1. Post

      Hi Ann, Temperance is a card of healing and corresponds with Sagittarius so teaching others to heal would fit… i.e. passing on what you are learning with regards to your own emotional healing. Blessings, Lisa

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