The Most Powerful Two-Card Tarot Spread Ever

The Most Powerful Two-Card Tarot Spread Ever Created

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
― Joe Klaas

The quote above is often misattributed to feminist Gloria Steinem. I should know because I used to think it was hers. But we’re here to examine the meaning of this statement rather than its origins.

This morning, lying in bed and procrastinating, this quote popped into my head quite visually, in the form of a two-card Tarot spread.

Until this happened, I really didn’t want to get up at all but as soon as I had the idea, I fell deeply in love with it and couldn’t wait to get out of bed, grab my cards and read on it.

Oh, how I came to regret that decision. Because yeah… it really did piss me off. If you look at the two Major Arcana cards below, which I randomly pulled from a well-shuffled deck of 79 cards (The Frideborg Tarot has one extra), and you know anything at all about the Tarot, you will understand the magnitude of what I had to confront within myself here.

Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

For those of you new to the Tarot, allow me to break it down… Two for two in Major Arcana cards means BIG lesson and massive, life-changing truth, when really, secretly I was hoping to start with something small. Ha!

The Magician corresponds with Mercury and is considered the messenger between the realm of the Otherworld and this. It can signify skills and talents, as well as the fact that now is the time to start using them. The Magician is also the card I have pulled twice in the past year or so in answer to the question ‘What am I here to do?’

The Star is a card of hope, beauty, and faith. It follows the trauma of The Tower and inspires acceptance as well as a belief that everything will be OK. It can be summed up in the passage from Scripture: ‘Hope is the evidence of things not seen.’ 

Why would the second card piss anybody off, I hear you ask? Ego is how. You should have heard that whiny voice when I saw these two cards:

Tchea right. You?! As IF! Who do you think you are? Your mother didn’t even love you well enough to stick around… and then you failed your own children monumentally (feeling down after morning drama with my youngest who overslept and was late for school). You struggle with mood swings and depression. You are utterly, utterly worthless. Go away and hide under a rock somewhere – you’d be doing the world a favor!

Choking away the tears, anger, humiliation, and frustration for the rest of the morning while I was working, I later decided to go for a lunchtime run. Boy did the anger and frustration increase my speed! The internal dialogue continued and little by little my Higher Self was able to take over my thoughts, which I find is always easier when I am in motion than when I’m sitting still.

Sharing this is how I give my ego two fingers up and tell it where to shove it. No, I’m not perfect but I have the courage to be transparent which is another keyword for the Star as it happens. I cannot be everything to all people but I can and I will shine my light and share my gifts with the world. My personal lessons and humiliating defeats are no more monumental than those of other people. That’s also just ego. I take past ‘failures’ and make them into lessons. I ask for forgiveness when I need to and I rely completely on grace (another keyword for the Star).

All of us struggle in different ways and all of us face really tough lessons. And sometimes we have to get really pissed off in order to break free from the ego’s self-imposed prison, which we like to think of as our ‘comfort zones.’

So yeah. I’m pretty pleased with how the day has progressed so far because here I am, still standing and able to hand you a precious gift, straight from my heart to yours:

The ability to use the Mirror of the Soul, aka the Tarot, to set yourself free. But I can’t do the work for you and you have to promise me one thing, OK? Allow yourself to feel the full force of your frustration before you release it heavenward because only then can it be transmuted into light and love.

Angel Blessings


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