The Ostara Tarot Spread

Ostara Tarot Spread

Today is a powerful and magical day, whether you are Pagan or Christian… and for those of us who straddle the fence and play in both camps it’s pretty mega: Palm Sunday coinciding with Ostara/Mabon (vernal/autumnal equinox, depending on where you live) does not happen every year.

palm sunday

I feel I have celebrated both. Church this morning was a wonderful experience with genuine excitement in the air, fit for the start of Holy week… and in the afternoon I found myself in the arms of Mama Nature when we went for a family walk through Hamsterley forest.

After we got back home and I had another look at the palm cross we were all handed at church this morning, it struck me how like an ankh it was with the loop at the top… The Goddess had found her way into the church service!

The equinox is a time of balance and balance was restored. But I wanted more… I felt nudged to create a Tarot spread that reflects this balance and that gives me (and hopefully anybody who tries it) a sense of what this turning of the Wheel means on a personal level.

Ostara Tarot Spread Positional Meanings

  1. What is blossoming in your life now? This is the main thing/situation that is being renewed as a result of the return of the light and could concern any area of your life
  2. How can you nurture it? Action advice. What you must do next to make what is blossoming come to fruition.
  3. How is Spirit nurturing it? Hidden influences and guidance from on High. This may reflect an influence or circumstance that I am not yet aware of having an impact on what is blossoming. It can also represent a challenge that you must overcome.
  4. + 5. Two influences in your life that you need to bring into balance for the processes to go smoothly. We all experience tension in different ways. Resolving tension takes harmonising with opposing desires/influences. These are the two that have the biggest impact on what you should bring to fruition now.

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love raven liora

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  1. Great spread! I got 4 of Wands, The Hierophant, 9 of Cups, The Moon and The World. I got this as keep teaching my truths within my family as its being well received and creating growth. It is time to surrender to my intuition openly with the outside world. This will bring great freedom and open the path to self mastery. Any further thoughts Lisa?

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      Yes, that sounds spot on, Susan. I love that you got the 9 of Cups in the Spirit blessing/nurturing position here as you will only need to remember to raise your eyes and you will be filled with a sense of joy about this mission. Three wonderful Majors and two happy-feeling Minors. It almost feels surplus to requirement to wish you a Blessed Ostara! 🙂

  2. Great spread, Lisa!! For cards 1-5 I pulled – Knight of Swords, King of Swords, the Hermit, 2 of Pentacles and High Priestess, respectfully. I’m currently dealing with articulating my truth and I find this spread particularly useful. Here’s to a new season of challenges!!!

    1. I got
      1 King of pentacles , 2. Strenght, 3. The Moon
      4. 8 of Swords and 5. 6 of pentacles.

      I have hard work in front of me that will succed.I am also my familys protector.
      I need to use my strenght and stay calmed.
      The Moon ask me to use my intuition and development of psycic power and to look behind what some people are hiding. Maybe it is a psycic person I just meet that isn’t what I thought.
      If I stop feeling sorry for my self and trapped (struggle whit chronical pain) and take the blindfold of I could use my gifts to learn other about the psycic world and remember not just give and give but allow me to recive.

      I used the Witches Tarot by Ellen Durgan.

      Do you have another thoughts Lisa?
      I must also thank you for sharing your wisdom whit us <3

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        Hi Jess, Yes, sounds spot on. The Moon could signal increased sensitivity as well, which – as you may know – is a double-edged sword. Enforce your personal boundaries and drop any toxic foods/drinks off the shopping list, especially with the health conscious King of Pentacles as the first card. Blessed Be!

  3. I like this. I used the Wheel of the Year deck which seemed fitting and I got the below although not sure if my interpretation is correct:
    1. The World – I guess the world is my oyster and i can achieve my dreams
    2. 6 of Swords – I think this means relocation, which I have been thinking about a lot recently because i have thought my personal life and career would be better if i moved
    3. 3 of Cups – i need to socialise more? Or things will improve if i go out and enjoy myself?
    4+5 – 3 cards came out for me – 4 of Wands – change in home; Page of Swords – this is communication, not sure how it fits in; 9 of Pentacles – one of the things putting me off moving is the thought of the cost of living – the rent in the new location would be 10 times the cost of the mortgage on my current home. I guess i have to balance the need to move with my finances?

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      Hi Blue Eyes, I see The World as a life-changing long-term goal that is now starting to blossom for you… something you are here to do, something fated. And yes, if you need to relocate to achieve this, so be it. The 3 of Cups shows me that you will be blessed with friendships that will help you achieve this goal. The Page of Swords here is about asking the right people the right questions so that you can find a way forward financially. Blessed Be!

  4. Wow. I got the 3 of Swords for Card #1. And it’s true that I’m suffering from a lot of heartbreak at the moment (concerning my work). But I’m not sure how I feel about that “blossoming in my life.” Sigh.

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      Thanks for commenting with this, Manda – I’m glad you did because it gives us a chance to dispel a myth of any card being only ‘good’ or ‘bad’… the good thing about the 3 of Swords is that clarity about blocks or delays to harmony are now being revealed. You could for instance gain absolute clarity about the root of any longstanding creative blocks such as writers block… Interestingly, this is Saturn in Libra and Libra is where we have Wednesday’s lunar eclipse. Expect a MAJOR shift! Blessed Be!

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  5. Hi

    I have tried your spread but i am not sure if my interpretation is correct.

    Position 1 – The Empress – I usually associate this card with a Motherly influence nurturing . I am single so i do not think would indicate marriage or pregnancy. Maybe this refers to myself and a successful and much needed change in my outlook on life.
    Position 2 – King of Cups – Action nurturing – I did not think this card represents action but more to my emotional state . I also see Kings as a man an actual person . I am struggling to see what action is meant here.
    Position 3 – The Magician – as influences i think this suggests luck is on my side and anything is possible . What ever i want in my life it is a possibility to get it.
    Position 4 – 9 of swords and Position 5 The Hanged Man – I think this means that i am suspended right now and i need to bring myself and my emotions into balance . I suffer from depression and this is an area i really struggle with in my life.

    Do you agree with my interpretation ? Any help with King of cups would be greatly appreciated.


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      Hi K, I would see the Empress as creativity here… and if your creativity is blossoming, you could do a whole lot worse than nurturing it King of Cups style. This King represents someone who is incredibly in tune with their emotions and who knows how to channel them creatively. The Magician tells me that you have at least one creative talent where you truly excel… time to start shining your light in this area! and yes about the final two sounds like you are right on the money. Blessed Be! x

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