The Ostara Tarot Spread

Ostara Tarot Spread

Today is a powerful and magical day, whether you are Pagan or Christian… and for those of us who straddle the fence and play in both camps it’s pretty mega: Palm Sunday coinciding with Ostara/Mabon (vernal/autumnal equinox, depending on where you live) does not happen every year.

palm sunday

I feel I have celebrated both. Church this morning was a wonderful experience with genuine excitement in the air, fit for the start of Holy week… and in the afternoon I found myself in the arms of Mama Nature when we went for a family walk through Hamsterley forest.

After we got back home and I had another look at the palm cross we were all handed at church this morning, it struck me how like an ankh it was with the loop at the top… The Goddess had found her way into the church service!

The equinox is a time of balance and balance was had. But I wasn’t satisfied. I felt nudged to create a Tarot spread that reflects this balance and that gives me (and hopefully anybody who tries it) a sense of what this turning of the Wheel means on a personal level.

Ostara Tarot Spread Positional Meanings

  1. What is blossoming in your life now? This is the main thing/situation that is being renewed as a result of the return of the light and could concern any area of your life
  2. How can you nurture it? Action advice. What you must do next in order to make what is blossoming come to fruition.
  3. How is it being nurtured by Spirit? Hidden influences and guidance from on High. This may reflect an influence or circumstance that I am not yet aware of having an impact on what is blossoming. It can also represent a challenge that must be surmounted.
  4. + 5. Two influences in your life that need to be brought into balance for the processes to go smoothly. We all experience tension in different ways. Resolving tension takes harmonising to opposing desires/influences. These are the two that have the biggest impact on what you should bring to fruition now.

Blessed Be!