The Three Souls Feri Tarot Spread


According to the Feri tradition, which is a form of modern Paganism, the concept of the Three Souls is an integral part of their spiritual cosmology. This belief posits that each individual possesses not one, but three separate souls. Each soul has its own distinct qualities and functions. Here’s a breakdown of each soul:

  1. The Talking Self (Conscious Self): This is the soul most associated with everyday consciousness and the ego. It is the thinking, analytical part that is responsible for our daily interactions, decision-making, and perceptions.
  2. The Fetch (Unconscious Self): Often described as the animal or primal soul, the Fetch is linked with the unconscious mind, intuition, and the body’s vital forces. It is the seat of emotions and primal desires, and it also serves as a conduit for psychic information.
  3. The Divine Self (Higher Self, God Self): The Divine Self is the eternal soul, representing a person’s truest essence that is intrinsically connected with the divine or universal consciousness. It is the source of our spiritual wisdom and can be accessed through deep meditation, ritual, or other spiritual practices.

In Feri practice, the integration and balance of these Three Souls are vital for spiritual development and wholeness. The tradition often involves exercises and rituals to harmonise these souls so that an individual can live a more attuned and authentic life.

A Feri Three Souls Tarot Reading

I realised it might be interesting to use the Tarot cards as a mirror for the state of my Three Souls. For this purpose, I decided on a simple 5 card cross layout, with the Three Souls in the central column. To the left is the most recent lesson and to the right is the upcoming lesson.

The deck I used, The Psychic Tarot Oracle, is not a traditional Tarot deck. It excludes the Tarot Court cards and has 7 chakra cards instead. I find it very useful for readings on the energy field and spiritual development.

I used another deck that I also find useful for this type of reading, the Energy Oracle Cards, to gain additional insights into the upcoming lesson:

three souls tarot reading energy oracle cards

To me, this is a sign of positive emotional withdrawal to integrate recent progress on all levels of being. I recently began to express my true self more fully as shown by the Throat Chakra card and this inevitably led to a growth spurt.

How are your Three Souls doing?

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  1. Thank you Lisa! I love this spread 🙂 I got the High Priestess as Fetch (a bit surprising), the 9 of Pentacles as Talking Self and the Princess of Pentacles as God Self. Lot of good food for thoughts 🙂 My recent lesson was the Page of cups – which I see as opening up in an honest way to my emotional Self which had been shut down for a while – and my coming lesson is the knight of Swords – which might point at speaking my truth. I also used one Oracle card as clarification and got Door to Spirit – which seems to point out that If I listen answers will come.

  2. Interesting. I got the Knight of Pentacles as the recent lesson and the Knight of Cups as the upcoming one . . . Shows a sort of switching of gears, I think? (It's true I've been more focused on my work than relationships lately.) My Talking Self is the 8 of Cups, my Fetch is the Knave of Wands, and my God Self is the Ace of Swords, which feels very accurate to me, though I'm not even sure why. Need to meditate on it.

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