The Three Souls Feri Tarot Spread

After reading up on the Feri tradition, I realised it might be interesting to use the cards as a mirror for the state of my Three Souls. For this purpose, I decided on a simple 5 card cross layout, with the Three Souls in the central column. To the left is the most recent lesson and to the right is the upcoming lesson.

The deck I used, The Psychic Tarot Oracle, is not a traditional Tarot deck. It excludes the Tarot Court cards and has 7 chakra cards instead. I find it very useful for readings on the energy field and spiritual development.

I used another deck that I also find useful for this type of readings, the Energy Oracle Cards, to gain additional insights into the upcoming lesson:

To me, this is a sign of positive emotional withdrawal to integrate recent progress on all levels of being. I recently began to express my true self more fully as shown by the Throat Chakra card and this inevitably lead to a growth spurt.

How are your Three Souls doing?

Blessed be!