The Week of Love Tarot Spread


One of the most difficult things to read about for yourself is your most intimate relationship. In 7 Tips for DIY Love Tarot Readings, I give you some helpful tips on how to do this… but as always, prevention is the best cure.

By reading on your relationship on a regular basis, you will begin to understand what the cards mean specifically when they speak about you and your beloved. By the way, this is not the same as doing paranoid readings about whether or not s/he is cheating on you or not. The kind of regular readings I propose are the kind that help you be proactive and do work on yourself. If done together as a couple, these readings can help you grow closer over time, as they provide a way for you to touch base about the very heart of your relationship rather than just talk about kids, work and bills.

The Week of Love Tarot Spread below is meant to be done for the week ahead, to give you an overview of the most important love and relationship theme you will be working through as a couple. It also gives you (and your beloved, if they are so inclined) an opportunity to see what the lesson is for you specifically with regards to this theme.

The idea is to write the reading down at the start of the week and the revisit it at the end of the week – preferably together.


1. Love Theme – This card gives you the main theme you will be working on as a couple. (Feel free to use an Oracle card for this position. The lovely Whispers of Love Oracle works very well here!)

2. Love Challenge – Read this card together with the first card. In the tension between those two card energies, you will find the challenge.

3. Your Lesson – What you need to be mindful of/work on in the week ahead.

4. Their Lesson – What they need to be mindful of/work on in the week ahead.

5. Growth Zone – This indicates in what area of life your love challenge will be played out. It could relate to work, health, finances, children, studies, in-laws etc.

6. Sex / Libido – Sex is not known as ‘the glue of the relationship’ for nothing. This gives you an overview of where the energies in this area of your life are flowing right now. Sex often becomes the elephant in the room unless you talk about it. Using the Tarot to address this elephant in a gentle and and holistic way can help you stay intimate or give each other breaks when need be – without any of the resentment that could accompany the latter if you neglect to communicate.


Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

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