The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Spread

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Spread

The Wheel of Fortune is a Tarot card that speaks of life’s ups and downs, that which appears to us as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck. Magickally, it corresponds with Jupiter, the Planet of expansion.

The drive to expand can sometimes be awakened by the return of the sun and warmer weather (just look at Mama Nature go!!), so I thought now would be a good time to publish a Wheel of Fortune-inspired Tarot spread, only days away from the vernal equinox and touching the next spoke of the Wheel of the Year here in the Northern Hemisphere… and should you find yourself in the Southern Hemisphere, rest assured – the Wheel turns there too but for Mabon.

Essentially, the Wheel of Fortune is both a reminder to make the most of every opportunity (expand in the direction of our dreams) and that we may dream and scheme but the Powers that Be may have other plans… The Wheel of humanity, the planet, the universe or even the multiverse may be turning in a way that is contrary to our individual designs.

As Within, So Without?

It’s popular in New Age circles to say that everything around us is just a reflection of what is going on the inside, and while the axiom ‘as within, so without’ does hold true, it is not quite that simple. When the Fukushima disaster struck, some poor artist may have been adding the finishing touch to a masterpiece and a journalist may have just sat down to start another newspaper article. Their thoughts did not create the disaster – they were busy creating interesting stories.

Or to offer an example from my own life experience, which taught me the invaluable lesson of not postponing pleasure for too long… My best friend’s dad died in a car accident (through no fault of his own) only two years away from retirement. He and my friend’s mother had postponed most of their travels and fancy holidays until after retirement. Unfortunately, that day never came. I’m not trying to catastrophise here, just proving the point that the best-laid plans do not always come true.

The bigger picture is incredibly complex and we cannot hope to make sense of it all. People in medieval times knew that. They were cleverer than us in that they stayed humble before the mystery of how the Wheel turns. I, for one, am glad that we still have this Archetype to comfort us… to know that we are all bound by greater tides and cycles than we can control. I can but pity those who suffer from hubris which makes them believe that they alone create their universe. It makes for a rude awakening.

In the Tarot spread below you will start by turning into the hub of the wheel… your energetic core…

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Spread

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Spread
  1. Your energetic core – The main energy or emotion that is fuelling your current drive to expand… If the central card is ‘weak’ it may or may not be best to put any new adventures on hold but wait for card 4 before you make your mind up!
  2. Your most fortuitous idea – You could have more than one. Expanding your energy in a focused manner will get you better results. This is the idea blessed by Lady Fortune herself
  3. How to move forward with it – Action advice on how to make the most of your best, most fortuitous idea
  4. The most difficult challenge along the way – If you find a Major Arcana card here, it means that Fate will intervene in a big way… but what way? If the card seems really negative and your core is weak, perhaps it is time to reconsider and spend some time in healing/restoration mode…
  5. Something or someone that will give you a leg up – How Lady Luck lends a hand

So this is what the Wheel of Fortune looks for you right now, my friend… How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

love raven liora

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