The Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread

The Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread

The Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread

Golly gosh, is it Yule again already?! We’d better celebrate with a Yule Tarot spread then, hadn’t we?

Yule 2017 is either full of celestial fun or sheer horror depending on which source you choose to get your news from and how much you love good old Saturn. Saturn has recently moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn where it is much happier. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, of course. However, to have Saturn conjunct the Sun at the point of the Solstice is supposed to be very unlucky according to some.

The exact time of the 2017 solstice is 4:27 PM GMT, Thursday 21 December. As usual, there will be a gathering at Stonehenge to celebrate. This takes place on Friday 22 December and you can read all about it HERE.

A Bit About the Inspiration for the Tarot Spread…

Reading up on the Pagan symbolism for the Yule tree, it seems online sources don’t seem to agree about whether the Yule tree used to have offerings to the gods or symbols of what people wanted to manifest in the year ahead. I must admit, I don’t find the latter as credible as the former since ‘manifesting’ is a pretty New Age thing… Of course, leaving offerings to the gods would have been a way of incurring favours – or at least to ward off the worst evils.

In the spread below, I’m choosing to associate the Yule tree with gift-giving and our own giftedness. We place our offerings (ornaments) on the tree and our gifts under the tree no matter what we believe or what the tradition might have been back in the day…

For the pine wreath, I’m combining the meaning of purity for pine and the completion for wreath.

How the Yule log burned told people what to expect in the New Year. The log burning all the way down in one go was a good sign. Having to relight it meant bad luck. In Viking times, the log was cut from the ash tree which is symbolic of Yggdrasil (tree of life), whereas the ancient Celts would have used oak.

The ancient druids associated ivy with peace so I’m going with that rather than one of the classical meanings associated with Dionysus, for instance.

The Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread

  1. Pine Wreath – What needs to be brought to completion/purged before the end of the year
  2. Yule Log – What to hope for in the New Year (a main influence in the year ahead for good or bad)
  3. Mistletoe – What to fertilise (project/venture/studies etc) in the New Year
  4. Yule Tree – What gift/talent to draw on to make your dreams come true
  5. Candles – How to shine your light in the New Year
  6. Holly – Where you need protection/How to protect yourself
  7. Ivy – How to establish a foundation of peace in the New Year

An Evergreen Yule Tarot Yule Tarot Spread Sample Reading

Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread Sample Reading
  • Pine WreathKing of Wands: This year’s teachings. The Saggie King is the teacher King. You have learned a lot which will change the way you teach forever. Much of the fluff that had got stuck on top has already been purged… just need to rinse the final few bits off!
  • Yule Log3 of Cups: New and stronger friendship bonds await in the year ahead
  • Mistletoe4 of Wands: Your home-based business
  • Yule TreeThe Chariot: Confidence that you are on the Path of my calling. Willpower and discipline
  • CandlesKing of Pentacles: By being a good steward and working hard
  • Holly3 of Pentacles: Not everyone who claims to be a colleague or interested in my work will be playing fair. Watch out for the takers in the arena – especially those who seek to take credit for your work
  • IvyThe Star: I establish a firm foundation of peace by keeping on the Path of the Highest Good for All.

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