Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Last week, I posted a Three Souls Tarot Spread for personal development on After creating this spread, it struck me that looking at the state of the connection of the Three Souls between two individuals could also be useful. I recently received a new deck, The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle (affiliate link), and I thought it would work well for this spread so I’m using it here but feel free to use a regular Tarot deck if you would like to give this spread a whirl.

The Three Souls

The Three Souls is a Feri Tradition concept to describe the three parts of the self, which roughly corresponds to the Freudian concept of the ego (talking self), id (fetch) and super-ego (god-self). However, the Feri concept of the Three Souls takes into account that we are spiritual beings and that the Three Souls have energetic anchor points in the chakra system: fetch = second chakra; talking self = third eye; god self = soul chakra (6-8 inches above the crown).

The Fetch

The Fetch is also known as the child/animal self and is the instinctual/sexual part of the self. Only the Fetch can communicate directly with the God Self and does so through a symbolic language – the language used in dream-time and mystical visions.

The Talking Self

The Talking Self is your personality and interface that you use to interact with the world around you, as well as to analyse what is happening internally.

The God-Self

The God-Self is your divine essence and direct connection to Source/The Divine.

Three Souls Relationship Reading

The Three Souls Relationship Tarot Reading

You: Fetch – Crown Chakra. A knowing of the Fetch is indicated. There is resonance with the Higher Self.
Him/Her: Fetch – Change Your Focus (5 of Cups/Emotions) A longing to know the Fetch can be seen here. There is dissonance and emotional dissatisfaction due to not heeding the Fetch or not connecting with the God-Self.
You: Talking Self – Spread Your Wings (2 of Wands/Spirit) A longing for expansion and to prove oneself. Pride/Competitive spirit.
Him/Her: Talking Self – Believe and Succeed (6 of Wands/Spirit) An innate sense of confidence. A decision to go after what one desires.
You: God-Self – New Vitality (Ace of Wands/Spirit) An influx of spiritual energy is having a revitalising effect on the whole being.
Him/Her: God-Self – Seek the Truth (7 of Swords/Intellect) Self-deception could be an issue. Time to face both light and shadow. Time to take off any masks and go within.
Past: Love (trad. The Lovers) True love is indicated here.
Current Connection: Feeling Alone (5 of Pentacles/Physical Realm) Physical distance keeps these two apart.
Future: Giving and Receiving (6 of Pentacles/Physical Realm) A coming together – especially with three sixes in the spread.

Enjoy playing with this!

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  1. I really want to try this spread however how do you place the cards? like where is the first placement 2,3, 4, etc?
    i just would like to know that i am placing the cards in the right order.

    1. Post

      It doesn’t really matter but I would probably place the two ‘talking self’ cards before me first and then the ‘current connection’ card. After that the past/future cards, god self cards for each and fetch for each person. Hope this helps and enjoy the reading!

  2. This is a fun one! I pulled Justice for our current connection and Five of Wands for our future, which worries me a bit. But maybe it means I should just be aware of the possibility for confusion, miscommunication, or discord.

    1. While the 5 of Wands can indicate conflict, it is nowhere near as malevolent as the 5 of Swords – it could even mean friendly competition… it depends on the other cards present. The key to making it work is to find the harmony and balance inherent in the Justice card, wouldn’t you say? Another possibility is that one of you dampens the creative spirit of the other (Saturn in Leo) and that you just need to be aware of this tendency.

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