Agrimony Bach Flower Remedy Oracle Card

Since I moved to the UK and started learning about Bach Flower Remedies, I have realised that the pub culture here in England is thriving thanks to many an Agrimony personality type spending much of their money there. A pub provides the two things this person needs in order to not have to deal with heavy emotional content: other people and alcohol.

Agrimony people often come across as extroverted, jolly and jovial. They typically choose to hide any emotional pain with a smile. It’s when they are on their own they really suffer. How do you hide from yourself? The answer is often: ‘By locating the bottom of a bottle.’

That’s not to say that all addicts are Agrimony personality types or that all Agrimony people are alcoholics or addicted to hard drugs. Or even that everyone who tries to hide their emotions falls into the Agrimony category. People may be shy, like Mimulus or just very private, like Water Violet.

The lesson for the Agrimony person is to not fear going with to connect deeply with their emotions so that they can be released instead of repressed. There is nowhere over it, under it or around it… We all have to work our way through pain and loss.

Agrimony and Tarot

In the Tarot, Agrimony corresponds with the Knight of Wands who is a young-ish person with a zest for life, still lacking the maturity to handle deeper emotions. The Knight of Wands can be a bit of a clown and loves to make people laugh. He has a ferocious appetite for anything that makes him feel happy, has not yet figured out how to be the source of his own contentment, and is usually not adverse to a pint… or seven.

The corresponding angel is Archangel Michael (ruler of Leo/Knight of Wands), who can help us feel safe and protected so that we can express our emotions without fear and discomfort. Use blue crystals like lapis lazuli, turquoise and blue lace agate for healthy self-expression and amethyst for any addiction problems. Sodalite can support the Agrimony person while they start taking baby steps in exploring their inner realms – that vast space they have spent so long ignoring.

Please note that if you do have a serious addiction, you will need to see your GP about it. Nothing written on this blog is intended to replace advice or treatment by a medical professional.

Balancing Agrimony with the Bach Flower Essence doesn’t mean you lose your sense of humour or extroverted personality, it just means that you stop using the company of others or drugs to squash your emotions down. It helps you feel serene instead of antsy when going within.


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