Crab Apple + Tarot Spread

Crab Apple was never one of ‘my’ remedies. After all, I’m not a neat freak, have no obsessive behaviour patterns and can quite happily work in a messy environment… But when I read the full chapter in The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer, it dawned on me that I often feel a need to detox and that my adult acne is rather upsetting to me. Also, asking for Johari Window input, a couple of friends chose ‘organised’ as one of their keywords to describe my personality. So here I am, sipping on Crab Apple water and typing this post out…

I’m also the kind of person who has a ‘greater than normal need to clear their throat,’ which is one of the physical symptoms according to Scheffer. Hanging around other people who gossip or even just walking past a betting shop, I get a bad case of energetic/psychic ‘ick’ and instantly feel I need to cleanse… so yeah, the negative state of Crab Apple is definitely present.

In the Tarot, Crab Apple corresponds with the Virgoan Hermit who is very concerned with purity on every level of his being. Just like negative Crab Apple, he can get too bogged down in details to see the bigger picture. However, at the other end of the spectrum, The Hermit fits these two characteristics of positive Crab Apple perfectly:

  • Has a sense of the overall picture and see details in their proper perspective
  • Has a sense for higher systems of order and how everything fits together

The corresponding angel is Archangel Raphael (ruler of Mercury & Gemini/Virgo). Archangel Raphael can help us organise our thoughts and surrender worries about our health to God. Invoke his assistance in creating a positive affirmation to go with your Crab Apple remedy.

The one I came up with for myself is: I accept myself completely and know that my soul and the gifts of the Spirit come from a pure source.

Looking at my Natal Chart and my Virgo South Node, I can better understand the karmic reason why I default to obsessing about purity.

Balancing a negative Crab Apple state with the Bach Flower Essence can help you enjoy life more, instead of spending all your energy on being super clean or mega organised. It doesn’t mean your life will become a total mess or that you have to put up with chaos every step of the way; it simply means that order becomes a natural part of your life and doesn’t take over your life. You gain a realistic expectation of the temporary nature of order.

Crystals that can be helpful for the negative state are Ametrine (letting go, restoring optimism and purification) and carnelian (greater enjoyment of life, self-acceptance). On a physical level, unakite and bloodstone might work well for purifying the body.

Since I was curious about how exactly negative Crab Apple is affecting me now, I decided to design a wee Tarot spread around the key issues…

1. What is causing me to focus on toxicity? I.e. ‘What is the real reason for overemphasising purity and order?’
2. How is this affecting those around me?
3. How can I best take action to address this imbalance? (other than taking the remedy)

Crab Apple Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

1. What is causing me to focus on toxicity? Death. Literal fear of ultimate destruction. Fear of change and chaos.
2. How is this affecting those around me? 9 of Swords. I project my fears on others.
3. How can I best take action to address this imbalance? The Magician. Being aware of my thoughts on this issue will restore the natural order.


Lisa Frideborg

Deck used: Bach Flower Inspirational Cards

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