Flower Essences to Support the Astrological Mercury

Mercury is the planet that’s associated with our thinking processes – its position in your chart (and the connections it makes to other planets, etc.) affects how you learn as well as your style of communication. Mercury is also the planet which rules our coordination processes (Alice O. Howell talks about this planet as the ‘shoelace’ which joins up all the other parts of the chart).

Below is an exploration of several Flower Essences which can support your Mercurial processes. You might have some natal difficulties with this planet or need some support during one of Mercury’s retrograde phases. You might equally be experiencing some difficulties around a challenging planetary transit to your natal Mercury or a transit affecting a planet or angle in Gemini or Virgo – or just need some help with examinations!

I recommend having a look at Ian White’s ‘Bush Flower Healing’ for more information on associations between the essences and the zodiac signs and their planetary rulers.

Bush Fuchsia

Bush Fuchsia is an essence which helps to balance right and left brain processes as well as the front and back brain – it’s associated with the hypothalamus. Great support for things to do with coordination, which could be linked to a stressed or challenged Mercury.


Isopogon helps you to remember what you’ve previously learned, e.g., your high school German. Ian White (see above) talks about using this essence along with other treatments to support people with Alzheimer’s. A lack of recall might be associated with a low or afflicted water element.

Paw Paw

If you need help with assimilating lots of new info (as well as proteins!), Paw Paw may well be helpful (maybe it’s the archetypal Virgo essence ;)). It’s a good one to try when you’re feeling overwhelmed and can be used to help access the Higher Self in life’s ‘big’ decisions.


Sundew supports that ‘spaced-out’ feeling – another one to consider with dementia. It aids attention to detail for those of us who are prone to ‘day-dreaming’ (sounds like a good one for Mercury in Pisces and/or Neptune transits!)

Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Yellow Cowslip Orchid supports the pituitary gland and works with the air element in general (air being the ‘thinking’ element). This essence reduces rigidity in the thought processes, so might be associated with Saturnian influences.

Wild Potato Bush

Wild Potato Bush is one to consider where there’s a lot of frustration around learning difficulties (helps with the frustration in any long-term condition you might be dealing with).


Hibbertia is a great essence for when you need some help balancing ‘head’ with ‘heart’.


Jacaranda helps that ‘scattered’ feeling. It’s associated with Gemini in Ian White’s book and is a good one for aiding concentration and bringing focus to the task at hand.

Kali Phos

And lastly, there’s also a Tissue Salt (cell salt), Kali Phos, which is a great support for the brain and nerve cells – try it out in situations where mental exertion leaves you feeling drained, as well as for those times of feeling ‘burnt-out’ after examinations. Interestingly, it’s the cell salt associated with the sign of Aries (the sign that rules the head astrologically).

This is in no way a definitive list – just some possibilities for working ‘gently’ with the astrological Mercury. For guidance on using the essences to support your process and/or working with your astrological chart, please do get in touch.

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My name is Helen Tremeer (but I’ve changed my name so often I’ve lost count 😉 ). I have studied astrology with Sally Olsberg (Creative Astrology Training) and Ingrid Naiman (several modules in Astrology of Healing) and interspersed my studies with oodles of reading and attending seminars that grabbed my attention over the years. Astrology felt like ‘coming home’ – and the subsequent study in the ‘healing arts’ (hands-on healing, homeopathy, flower essences – and presently, ‘therapeutic shamanism’), a natural progression into helping support and balance the energies with which we entered into this incarnation.


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