Oak from the Bach Flowers Inspirational Cards

Oak Bach Flower Essence

Oak from the Bach Flowers Inspirational Cards

Oak is the Bach Remedy for those hard-working individuals who won’t pause long enough to restore their energy, but keep on working tirelessly for the good of all. What they need to learn is that it is in everyone’s interest that they too take a break now and again. The Oak Bach Flower Remedy can help these people restore their energy levels short-term, and taken over longer periods, it can help them restore the work/life balance so that it becomes healthier.

When these people are on the healthy end of the spectrum, they provide much support and nourishment for others. When they plod on long after they should have paused to rest, the energy around them becomes very heavy.

Illness in Oak Persons

When an oak person is ill, they will often try one thing after another to get better as they hate taking time off from work. They are always hopeful of getting better as they feel that what they are here to do is so very important – which is true. But it is also true that the world keeps turning when they take a break. They must learn to be a bit less rigid and a bit more flexible when it comes to flowing with life’s challenges, just like the rest of us.

Tarot Correspondence for Oak

In the Tarot, Oak corresponds with The Hierophant (Taurus). The lesson associated with this Venusian card is the ability to cut oneself some slack, as well as actively engage in self-care and relaxation.

Crystal Remedies

Crystals that heal burnout are garnet, rose quartz and smokey quartz. Using all three together works well as garnet supports the immune system and has a revitalising effect, rose quartz promotes self-love and smokey quartz helps balance emotions, creates a protective energy bubble + dispels negativity. If the burnout has led to problems sleeping, you can try placing a piece of smokey quartz on an amethyst cluster on your bedside table.

Rosewood, cedarwood, rosemary and pine essential oils might be helpful too.

The Angel to invoke is Archangel Anael. You can try the following prayer (or use your own words):

Dear Archangel Anael, Thank you for helping me restore balance and harmony in my life. I ask for your guidance on how to bring more rest and recreation into my life, as well as to truly appreciate that this is for the Highest Good of All. So mote it be!

Also, sitting with your back against an oak tree and connecting with its support will help restore your energy levels if you are suffering from burnout.

Deck used: Bach Flower Inspirational Cards


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