Rock Water Bach Remedy

Rock Water Remedy - Bach Flowers Oracle Cards

Rock Water is the remedy for anyone who is too harsh on themself and who tends to see the world in black or white. The Rock Water type person usually gets very strict about things like diet and exercise and can’t seem to cut themself any slack. They do not inflict the same gruelling discipline on others but strive instead to lead by example.

The Bach Remedy Rock Water is the only out of the 38 remedies that is not made from plants. As you might guess from the name, it is made from spring water. This is the remedy for anyone who experiences rigidity of thought/belief or energetic blockages of any kind. It helps the energy to gently start flowing again. Those who are in the habit of being too hard on themselves are once again able to enjoy simple, impromptu pleasures.


With each out-breath, I release stale and rigid energy. With each breath in, I open up to the new and unexpected.

The Archangel to invoke is Raphael (Guardian of the East and the Element of Air). Ask him to allow new ideas and energy to flow freely. Use the following prayer (or create your own):

Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for a spirit of innocence and playfulness. Help me go with the flow of inspiration today and to trust that I am supported when I improvise. So mote it be!

In the Tarot, the corresponding Court Card would be the Knight of Disks/Pentacles (Air of Earth). This Taurean (Fixed Earth) Knight can become quite inflexible, stubborn and dogmatic. Rock Water helps him go with the flow once again and to enjoy the tasks that do demand stubborn perseverance.

Crystals that can help make us more flexible are Dalmatian, Ocean Jasper and Laguna Agate.


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